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Order Desk is a hosted order management system that allows you to integrate your store's workflow with many other third-party providers.

Manage Your Orders Your Way

Sort your orders into folders to keep track of the status of each order. See your order overview at a glance. Create custom folders to match your business' workflow. Customize each folder's columns to see the details you need.

Need to change a shipping address? Make a refund? Print a customizable packing slip? Email a tracking number? Hold an order for review? Order Desk makes this easy.

Custom Rules and Actions

Order Desk's rules engine lets you set up custom actions to be executed at any event. Here are just a few of the things you can automate:

  • Send a special email to someone ordering from Canada
  • If the order total is over $1000 put the order in a special folder or tag it red
  • When a shipment is added, email your customer the tracking number
  • Send your customer an email when you refund their payment
  • Attempt to capture the authorized charge when an order is put in a certain folder

View your order statistics at a glance. The Order Desk dashboard shows order counts and revenue from today, yesterday, last week, last month, and all time. Create a customized CSV format and you can export your own reports whenever you need them.

Third-Party Magic

Order Desk connects to your third-party apps. We have integrations for over 30 services like MailChimp, Authorize.net, Amazon, and 3PL Central. Add your customers to your mailing list, process refunds, capture payments, send your orders for fulfillment, or send your shipment information to external shipping software like ShipStation or ShipWorks.

Affordable For Small Businesses

Order Desk is an affordable order management option for small stores with low volume. For larger stores, plans start at $40/mo and include unlimited integrations, users and more.

Find out more and see complete pricing at www.orderdesk.me/pricing.

starting at $12/mo (30-day free trial)

Client Reviews (3)

Great product over 3 years ago by adm....au

We are using Order Desk to manage print jobs and order fulfillment. It really makes for a good production workflow that previously wasn't available in BigCommerce and has allowed for us to stay with BC as a platform instead of migrating to a new system. Support is excellent, very responsive, and friendly. Thanx guys.

Must have App! over 3 years ago by Hunters Emporium

Everything all in one place! Integrates smoothly!

Highly Recommended - Amazing Customer Service over 4 years ago by phi...com http://www.facepaintingtips.co.uk

Highly recommend this app if you need an easy solution to integrating Big Commerce with a number of other platforms. It is easy to set up but if you're not sure about anything their customer service is amazing!

Email support is fast, quick and super helpful. I can't emphasize this enough. I had help from the beginning and everything is working smoothly - I don't have to worry about it at all.Has already saved me a tonne of money and time. Highly worth it!