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Increase Repeat Orders by 150%

RewardCamp provides the most convenient rewards experience for your customers. It makes it easy for your customers to earn and use their rewards.

When customers use rewards, their likelihood of returning for the next order skyrockets.

Provide Customers a Reason To Return

RewardCamp allows you to setup a points based rewards program in minutes.

  1. Set it and forget it. Once you setup your rewards program, it will systematically start converting new customers into repeat customers without requiring extra-work on your part.
  2. Tiered loyalty system. Offer a tiered rewards system so that, the more customers spend, the more rewards they earn, which increases the likelihood of them returning to place the next order.
  3. Exclude whole sale customers. RewardCamp allows you to exclude specific customers and customer groups from the rewards program.
  4. Generate Sales Each Month. RewardCamp sends monthly reminders to your customers who have earned rewards. These reminders generates orders like clockwork on a monthly basis.
  5. Total Flexibility and Control. You decide the amount of rewards to be given out. Want to give big incentives? Go for it. Want to dial it down? No problems. RewardCamp allows you to control the loyalty program to suit your unique needs.
  6. Easy email templates. Use our email templates so that your customers are notified about rewards.
  7. Rewards are automatically issued. RewardCamp automatically redeems points into rewards for your customers. This saves you the administrative hassles of having to convert their rewards into store credits.
  8. Top notch customer service. Customer service to help you when you are stuck or have a question.

Free Loyalty Consultation

Setting up a loyalty program can be confusing. How many points to offer? What kind of reward to offer?

We will answer these questions and more and help you get started in the right way.

Email or call 855-300-6228 to schedule your free consultation.

Try RewardCamp free for 30 days. No credit card needed.

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Client Reviews (14)

Nearly Perfect Rewards App 10 months ago by
Rewardcamp cannot exclude certain products or category purchases from receiving rewards like some other loyalty apps but that is a small shortcoming when you consider how much better this is for the customer experience than virtually everything else out there. Put yourself in your customers' place. Cashing in "points" for some unknown dollar amount is not going to keep you coming back. Earning store credit and getting a monthly reminder email about that credit is extremely effective. Everytime a customer purchases from my store they receive an email about the credit they have earned which keeps them coming back rather than shopping my competition. My customers love how simple this is and I see at least a 200% bump in sales each month when the reminder email goes out. Support is also great. Raheem and his team are extremely responsive. I searched for about 3yrs for a loyalty app that was simple and effective and RewardCamp has been worth every penny.
Excellent Customer Service! 11 months ago by
Customers like to see the credit at checkout!
Best Reward App!!! about 1 year ago by
My customers LOVE seeing credit show up in their account. Because they know they are getting credit with each purchase I get many more repeat customers. The app does all the work and I don't have to do a thing. The developers are also the best to work with! They respond within minutes of me sending an email and have been able to help me with any questions I have had. They forward any emails my customers may send and have seriously just been a pleasure to work with. I wish they made ALL the apps I used. Thank you RewardCamp for helping my business and myself.
Set and Forget about 1 year ago by
What an awesome app - I love it when I can just install something and forget about it; RewardCamp works and I highly recommend getting this set up as it will pay for itself quite quickly. Excellent support on offer! Not that you really need it given how easy it is to use.
LOVE this app about 1 year ago by
I'm a relatively new customer (only a few months) with Raheem and his team but I can honestly say I LOVE this app. I was anxious at first as I am the owner of a small business and obviously spending money I need to be sure it will work. Well I didn't need to worry! The app is so user friendly and for someone who is not very tech savvy it was a joy to use, I am delighted and the feedback from my customers is super. The customer support and follow up is second to none, I have used other apps in the past which didn't even compare to the level of support you get with the RewardCamp team. I highly recommend this app ... give it a go you won't be disappointed, your customers will thank you :)
So far, so good! about 1 year ago by
We just launched RewardCamp two weeks ago, so I can't speak to results yet but I CAN speak about my onboarding experience with RewardCamp. I contacted them with my interest and Raheem set up an appointment with me and we spent about 30 minutes going over his "shared screen" PowerPoint presentation. It was a great presentation where we went over the app, and he answered all my questions. We signed up for RewardCamp on the spot and Raheem even walked me thru the initial setup. He left me his e-mail and cell phone number and said to feel free to call anytime. I had some follow up questions during the integration process, and again, Raheem was very helpful and quick to answer my questions. We are looking forward to see how RewardCamp works out for us during the coming year. The onboarding experience was great!
So far so good about 1 year ago by

We have had the program running for 30 days and have seen instant success, the owner Raheem is super helpful and a great to work with. Easy to install and great reporting!

Very Useful & Great App about 1 year ago by

We have used this app for about a month and it is doing exactly what it was designed to do.  Our customers love it as they earn rewards for every dollar they spend with 

RewardCamp has great customer support.  When you call they answer the phone... They are not one of those phony companies that only has email support and no phone number to call for help.

If you are looking for a way to reward your customer for doing business with you, RewardCamp is the answer.

Great Loyalty Scheme over 2 years ago by

We did a lot of work researching the best loyalty scheme for our customers. We had a number of ad-hoc schemes in place before and we needed something that would be easy to implement and manage. RewardCamp was the first choice. We have now been using it for around 6 months and we are extremely happy with our choice. It is easily understood by our customers and requires minimal effort from my colleagues. 

Only reward app that allowed me multiple tiers over 2 years ago by

I looked at all of the reward/loyalty apps, and only RewardCamp allowed me to create multiple reward tiers, giving customers higher levels of rewards based upon their spend. Been very happy with the app so far.

Customers coming for 2nd, 3rd and 4th order over 3 years ago by

I'm the founder of RewardCamp and we built this app to make it extremely easy for your customers to be loyal to you. We have removed all friction from the traditional loyalty process. This means your customers dont have to track points, redeem points or even worry about points expiring. We focus 100% on getting them to come back to you. Reducing friction means that your the probability of your customer coming back to you for that 2nd, 3rd or 4th order is greatly increased. We dont do popups because it decreases your conversion. Our loyalty program is built to run behind the scenes to achieve a single goal - getting your customers to come back, again and again. This is why we dont have features like other loyalty apps that offer popups asking customers to register or share or earn points. When a visitor in on your store, they only care about product and everything else drives them away. 

We also built features that allow you to learn which of your customers have stopped shopping with you. We make it easy for you to target these lost customers and bring them back. 

In addition to all of the above, we provide exceptional customer service, monthly performance reports and continually work to increase your repeat business. If you have any further questions, please call 855-980-ROSE (7673) or visit for a demo.

Simply the Best Loyality Programme Out There over 3 years ago by

After trying other programmes i found them not really user friendly with loads of pops up, vistors to the shop want to shop not be constantly bothered with pops ups, any pop up offering a discount is generally going to help make sales but you also just lost 15% to 30% of a sale. Thats not going to help Loyality. 

Another reason for going with Rewardcamp its almost all my own branding on emails and other communcations other loyality programmes splash themsevels allover emails and communcation to MY customers , that doesn't really sit right me with as they are my customers not theres. Branding should and always remain with the store.

The guys behind reward camp are great and listern to make improvements to keep it growning into a bigger and better programme. Rewardcamp will eclipse the competition soon with what they have in store so i'm glad i've got in early and gone with them before announcing my Loyality programme to my cutomers .

Does ebay and Amazon do pop ups on you entering the website? No, there is a reason for that it decreases sales OVERALL and loses profit, as a shopper yourself do you enjoy all the pops ups? probably not. Rewardcamps combats that and i'm glad i found them.

I love RewardCamp!!!!! over 3 years ago by Nikki Nunnari

You won’t have customers coming back if you don’t make it worth their while to come back.

And RewardCamp makes it easy to have your customers coming back time after time.

All you have to do is determine how much you want to impress your customers and RewardCamp does the rest.

Magic program, magic people to deal with!

Amazing App over 3 years ago by

RewardCamp is amazing loyalty system & helps a lot to bring back traffic & repeat customers.

With RewardCamp merchant can give small Store Credit amount on every purchase & customer tends to use it on next purchase.

Also merchant can see the trend of his orders/customers in graphs/charts. 

Highly recommended.