Chapter 2 Automotive Ecommerce Site Design

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Designing an automotive ecommerce site is difficult for a myriad of reasons. Let’s list them:

  • Large product catalogs
  • High number of product options per SKU (average for online stores is less than 3. Automotive typically goes higher than 10)
  • Need for super technical information at all steps in the purchasing funnel
  • Highly competitive in terms of pricing
  • Need for both individual as well as bulk ordering capabilities (often through a PO)

Whew –– that’s a lot to think about when designing a site. Most online stores don’t have to get so technical so quickly.

But if you are launching an automotive site, you need all of the above, and then likely even more for your own unique use case.

How can you make this work? Well, we’ve found 6 automotive online stores that have nailed the difficulties of this vertical.

They’ll give you insight into how you can design a site that scales, sells and looks great at every step of the way.

Dozens More Automotive Site Designs

Get more inspiration for your next automotive site redesign here.

1. Indianapolis Motor Speedway

As told to BigCommerce by Neal Freeman, Director of Digital Commerce at IMS. is the official online store of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and INDYCAR. This site is a combination of two separate brands that have different products, but share the same fan base for a successful marketing opportunity.

We begin with a landing page to allow fans the opportunity to have a customer journey of either shopping the IMS or INDYCAR product offerings. As they are shopping, we merchandise the site to allow customers to see both offerings as an upsell opportunity.

Our marketing plan incorporated online promotions and events focused on INDYCAR tour stops. We developed exclusive online driver merchandise, and utilize drivers’ social media followers to capitalize on the strong bond that fans have with drivers. We also developed a consistent marketing message across all digital platforms to inform fans of what new and coming soon for the online store. In collaboration with the PR team, we have incorporated links to online store in team related press releases.

The IMS merchandise revolves around one of the most historic raceways in the United States. With over 800k visitors a year, we use the website in the bricks and mortar locations to help with a omni-channel shopping opportunity. Fans have opportunity to buy historic merchandise that they cannot find in-store.

In May 2016, both brands celebrated the 100th running of the INDY500. For the month, there were 190k visits with a conversion rate of 3%. Exclusive merchandise was designed for in-stadium and online.

We began promoting the Centennial event in May 2015 immediately after the 99th running of the race. A strategic weekly roll out of new “100th merchandise” taking place leading up to the race. The frequent release of new product created consistent site traffic and additional sales.

2. West End Motorsports

As told to BigCommerce by Mike DeLuca, West End Motorsports.

We are recent converts to BigCommerce. We operated on OSCommerce from 2004 and we were more than overdue for a change. We were consistently losing business for years and found it very difficult to stay up to date, never mind get a head of the curve.

BigCommerce provided us an opportunity to catch up to and in many areas pass our competition affordably.

We looked at every platform option out there and BC made it possible for us to make the upgrades necessary to stay relevant and ultimately save our business.

Our new site is still a work in progress, but with BigCommerce we were able to make our 30k product catalog as simple and clean as possible. Revenue, conversion rates, and AOV are all up and we’re only three months in.

 3. Xprite

As told to BigCommerce by Ryan Colbert, Xprite.

We are pretty new to the industry and believe we have a beautiful site which is extremely easy to navigate. It is definitely a customer friendly experience.

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4. Wheel Covers

As told to BigCommerce by Rick Dynek, Owner at Wheel Covers.

I believe our store has both the design and usability to go along with it. Unlike many, this is not just a cookie cutter template that is dolled up.

I have seen some neat looking sites on the platform that end there. They are slow and after the first page you realize it is just a nice landing page with the default template for the rest of the site with no actual design or functions addressed.

Everything from the design to the flow of actually using the site shows how much has been put into it. I challenge you to use the site from landing to checkout and you will not find any that look nicer and work as efficiently as

5. Toyota

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6. MetalTech 4×4

As told to BigCommerce by Mark Hawley, Founder, Metal Tech 4×4.

The goal of our website is to make it easier for customers to do business with us, and that’s exactly what we’ve been able to do.

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