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12 Automotive Ecommerce Sites Revving Up Online Sales

Scott Siders / 5 min read
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U.S. ecommerce revenue from auto and parts retail sales are projected to reach $51.6 billion in 2018, representing a 121% increase compared to 2012 revenue.

automative ecommerce design idustry projections

With automotive ecommerce revenue growing rapidly year-over-year, more and more brands are trying to get in on the action by launching their own websites.

They’re selling automotive parts, accessories, and service online for everything from sportbikes to trucks for both B2C and B2B buyers.

Some of these brands are brand new to the space. Others are launching online stores for the very first time. And others still are updating their online storefront channels and launching multi-channel initiatives to increase market share.

12 Best Automotive Ecommerce Sites

Below we’ve highlighted 12 automotive brands that are focused on creating exceptional customer experiences by designing ecommerce sites that drive sales, revenue, and market share.

  1. CruiseMaster.
  2. Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
  3. Awesome GTI.
  4. Enjuku Racing Parts.
  5. Brock’s Performance.
  6. BB Wheels.
  7. Boogie Lights.
  8. RTW Wheels.
  9. Metal Tech 4×4.
  10. Sportbike Track Gear.
  11. Competition Motorsport.
  12. Spindle-Source.

Let’s dive in to see how these innovative automotive brands are achieving ecommerce success.

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Fastest Growing Automotive Ecommerce Websites

1. CruiseMaster.

automative ecommerce design CruiseMaster

CruiseMaster sells caravan and camper trailer independent arm suspension systems and is Australia’s leader in all-terrain towing technology.

From the home page, shoppers can quickly:

  • Scroll through images of the company’s products and navigate to product pages to read specifications
  • Watch videos of the products in action
  • Read and write reviews
  • View related products
  • Download a Customer Information Sheet for more information

2. Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

automative ecommerce design indianapolis motor speedway

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is known worldwide for its iconic racetrack, and its ecommerce site captures the excitement of the venue.

Visitors can choose between shopping the speedway and shopping INDYCAR products upon entering the site.

They can purchase speedway apparel and memorabilia and buy their favorite drivers’ gear. When browsing products, shoppers can zoom in for a closer look and view related products.

3. Awesome GTI.

automative ecommerce design awesome gti

Awesome GTI sells products that enable customers to modify, tune, and maintain their Volkswagens, Audis, and other performance cars.

The ecommerce site has a large catalog that features multiple high-quality images per product, the ability to zoom in on products, shipping and returns information, financing options, descriptions and pricing for garage services, and a blog to keep customers engaged.

“Our entire migration process from Magento to BigCommerce only took a few months,” said Wayne Ainsworth, Ecommerce Manager for Awesome GTI.

“That was great turnaround time for us, because we were still 100% operational during this entire transition process.”

Awesome GTI increases year-over-year revenue by 96%.

After switching from Magento to BigCommerce, Awesome GTI significantly improved key performance metrics. Read more about their story.

4. Enjuku Racing Parts.

automative ecommerce design enjuku racing parts

Enjuku Racing Parts specializes in Nissan 240SX vehicle parts and service and is known as one of the premier tuning shops for S-Chassis performance.

Enjuku posts articles on its blog to educate customers on a variety of topics related to car performance.

Product pages features all of the information a customer could need to make a buying decision, including:

  • Crisp images
  • Product features
  • Reviews
  • A description of the company’s rewards program
  • Financing information

Offer financing at checkout with PayPal Credit

Boost conversions and increase order values by giving customers the option to quickly and easily get credit through PayPal.

5. Brock’s Performance.

automative ecommerce design brocks performance

Brock’s Performance sells a broad range of motorcycle parts, including wheels and tires, engines and clutches, suspension and brakes, and exhausts. Rotating banners on the site’s home page display featured products and services.

Product pages enable shoppers to:

  • Zoom in on products
  • Read technical specifications
  • View detailed product information and watch product videos
  • View related products
  • Write reviews

If you own a motorcycle, this is a site you’ll want to bookmark.

6. BB Wheels.

automative ecommerce design bb wheels

BB Wheels is a family owned and operated automotive company specializing in wheels, tires, and vehicle accessories. The site’s slick user interface lets shoppers quickly locate products by type.

The homepage touts the company’s free shipping, current promotions, financing options, a bolt patterns and fitment guide, daily deals, and Google Customer Reviews—all great methods of engaging customers.

Product pages show product specifications, similar products, warranty information, and reviews.

Sometimes a standard search bar isn't enough.

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7. Boogey Lights.

automative ecommerce design boogey lights

Boogie Lights provides accent lighting for motorsports. Shoppers can view examples of different installations on the site’s home page and click-through to learn more about specific products.

Product pages include photo galleries with impressive photographs of each product in use by actual customers.

Shoppers can choose their preferred controller option, add accessories, read reviews and FAQs, and review installation information.

8. RTW Wheels.

automative ecommerce design rtw wheels

RTW Wheels is one of the largest independent wheel and tire companies in Texas.

The site enables dealers to apply to buy OEM wheels at wholesale prices, and shoppers can navigate to the company’s blog, customer reviews, FAQ, and resources for more information.

Answering a few quick questions about your vehicle’s make, model, and year returns matching products that feature detailed descriptions, specifications, reviews, and related products.

9. Metal Tech 4×4.

automative ecommerce design metal tech 4x4

Metal Tech 4×4 sells high-end off-road parts and accessories.

The home page displays full-size rotating banner images featuring products on trucks against striking landscapes.

Shoppers can sort through products using the site’s faceted search function, view multiple product images, review schematics and product details, read reviews, download product manuals, and request a quote.

Metal Tech 4x4 increases mobile sales with Amazon Pay

According to the Metal Tech 4×4 team:

“The Amazon Pay button has been great, especially with our mobile device customers. Mobile customers are looking for easier ways to shop and the Amazon Pay button offers that. We’ve seen a considerable gain in mobile-based sales since we’ve implemented it.”

10. Sportbike Track Gear.

automative ecommerce design sportbike track gear

Sportbike Track Gear sells motorcycle parts, accessories, and apparel.

The company has a guiding motto of “if we won’t use it, we don’t sell it,” so customers browsing the site know that all of the products have been tried and tested by experienced professionals.

The site uses faceted search, so customers can quickly sort through various parameters to locate a specific product.

Products in the catalog feature multiple high-quality images, product videos, size charts, and related products that other customers have added to encourage upsell opportunities.

“My goal is to sustain an average of $20 million in revenue every year,” said Brian Van, founder of Sportbike Track Gear. “I feel very comfortable that BigCommerce will enable me to achieve that.”

Sportbike Track Gear increases transactions by 40%.

Learn how this innovative brand is built for growth after saving $100K migrating to BigCommerce.

11. Competition Motorsport.

automative ecommerce design competition motorsport

Competition Motorsport sells high-performance racing products on its ecommerce site.

The homepage features large, beautiful banners and featured products.

Shoppers can compare products side-by-side, view product photographs and schematics, zoom in, and view related products.

12. Spindle-Source.

automative ecommerce design spindle source

Simple-Source sells high-quality aftermarket automotive parts. From spindles to coils to lift kits, gearheads can find a broad range of products for their automotive project.

Dealers can apply to participate in the company’s wholesale program and shoppers can browse the site’s extensive catalog to view which vehicles a product fits, product specifications, reviews, similar products by category, and shipping information.

Executive Summary

Automotive ecommerce sales and revenue are growing fast in the U.S., with 2018 revenue expected to top $51 billion and 2019’s haul projected to surpass $57 billion.

Revenue has risen steadily every year, averaging a $4.5 billion increase every year between 2012 and 2017.

Both B2B and B2C customers are buying automotive parts, services, and accessories online.

To reach these customers, the 13 dynamic brands above are racing to the top of the automotive ecommerce leaderboard by designing appealing online shopping experiences that include:

  • Large, sharp, expressive banners on the home page.
  • High-quality photography.
  • Product videos.
  • Faceted search and intuitive navigation.
  • Visualization tools.
  • Detailed product specifications.
  • Displaying related products to encourage upsell.
  • Social proof through customer reviews.
  • Installation manuals.
  • Blogs.
  • Financing options.

Focusing on these key features will them attract, engage, and convert more customers so they can get their piece of this year’s $51 billion ecommerce pie.

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