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Considering a Switch to BigCommerce? If So, Read This…

Mitchell Harper / 1 min read

If you’re a savvy business owner looking to switch to a new e-commerce platform then no doubt you’ve spent a considerable amount of time researching your different options. You’ve probably compared features, price, ease of use – maybe you’ve even tried a few demos, but how can you be sure the e-commerce software you choose will be the best fit for your business?

Well one of the best ways is to hear from existing business owners who are already doing what you want to do. They’ve researched the market, have made the switch from one e-commerce vendor to another  and if everything went well, they’re enjoying the success of their revamped online store.

To help decide if BigCommerce is right for you, we asked some of our existing customers who switched to BigCommerce about their experience. We asked what they were using before BigCommerce, what they like about BigCommerce, why they’re calling it the best ecommerce software and why they switched. We then asked for their photos and links to their BigCommerce stores and put them on our new The Switch Is On page for everyone to see.

Our customers have switched to BigCommerce from a variety of offerings including hosted shopping carts, open source offerings and even messy websites built in Microsoft Frontpage! What matters though is that BigCommerce has made the process of selling their products online and attracting new customers easier and more affordable.

You can read their stories yourself, but here are a few of our favorite extracts from their quotes:

  • “I am now a proud BigCommerce customer. Once I made the switch sales increased remarkably.”
  • “Along with ease of use, I am also seeing more sales!!”
  • “My sales increased 50% in the first 15 days”
  • “… [my] site has generated more money in 2 months that I did in 8 months using my old software.”

The one thing these business owners have in common? BigCommerce has significantly increased their sales. Now I’m not saying you’ll have an increase in sales if you switch to BigCommerce, but it’s happening time and time again for our customers so it’s definitely something to consider during your research…


Mitchell Harper

Mitchell Harper

Mitch is the co-founder of Bigcommerce. He loves helping small businesses succeed through the use of simple software and regularly keynotes on topics including e-commerce, entrepreneurship, Saas and mostly importantly, how to build a great company culture. Today he runs the company alongside co-founder Eddie and our 300+ person team with offices in Sydney, San Francisco and Austin. He can be emailed at

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