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Last week I posted about our t-shirt design contest. This week we need your help to choose the winning design. We’ve also setup a sneaky little bribe which could see you walking away with a t-shirt from the first batch ever printed.

So here’s what you need to do if you’d like to win one of our limited edition t-shirts:

  1. Take at look at the two finalist designs below
  2. Choose the one you like the most and vote using the poll below
  3. Like us on Facebook and/or follow us on Twitter
  4. When the first batch of t-shirts is ready, we’ll post a link on Facebook and Twitter
  5. The link will take you to a form to type in your shipping details, etc
  6. When all t-shirts in the first batch have been claimed, we’ll pull down the form

We’re spacing the giveaway out over a few weeks and in batches, so the first batch might have 100, the second might have 200, etc until all 1,000 have been given away. Shipping is of course free and you can be anywhere in the world.

So let’s get on to choosing which design we should print up…

Design #1 – “Ninja Mouse”

Design #2 – “Big Man on Campus”

Which design do you like better? Tell us by completing this poll:

Now make sure you like us on Facebook and/or follow us on Twitter so you’ll get notified when the first batch is printed. Remember, first in best dressed (literally) so make sure you keep an eye on our Facebook page and Twitter account over the coming days and weeks.

Hat tip to our friends at Mailchimp for the idea!

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  • I like the both but you have to add a little more green color to the both.

  • Spriha

    I love the Ninja Tee. Even the big man design is good. I wish i get any one of them. I will wear it proud !

  • Spriha

    I love the ninja mouse tee. I wish to have one. I hope i get one :)

  • Adeel Rizvi

    Design # 2

  • I like the Ninja Mouse T-shirt as this type of T-Shirts can be wore by all group og ages.

  • Laura

    I like Ninja Mouse T-shirts !!! :)

  • Christian Litzenberger

    Ninja mouse T/shirt. I like it.

  • nux

    The 2nd tshirt says it all! Nice, Ill wear that all day. =)

  • GOOD

  • divyesh

    I choose Ninja Mouse..Simple design make great attention. I’m from Indonesia, if i win, it will be send free to my country, right? thanks a lot.

  • i liked ninja mouse

  • i like it…..!!!

  • tashreef

    ninja mouse is very good…
    the design is fab…

  • Preetam sharma

    Ninja mouse….gorgeous look…sturdy t shirt….i like the most… :)

  • senthil kumar

    i love “Big Man on Campus”

  • cassey

    i liked both shirts

  • sudarshan

    i like very much ninja t shirt

  • Damalys

    I liked

  • Debabrata Pal

    the first one rocks!!!!

  • john

    i like Ninja Mouse.. it s very cool

  • I really like this as a ninja mouse on it

  • I like both designs and would be happy to have either one (or both)

  • David Phillips

    I like both designs and woul be happy with either one (or both)

  • Nija Mouse….. really wonderful

  • naveen

    The T-Shirt Design #1 – “Ninja Mouse” is nice.

  • Amit kumar singh

    Design #2 – “Big Man on Campus”
    i am loving it….

  • Dequan Mobley


  • manish

    i like both really good

  • aisha

    nija mouse… i like it!!

  • tono

    i love ninja mouse

  • Ganidu

    I love Ninja Mouse

  • Doel

    Yea i like Ninja Mouse

  • Aditra

    wow… nice t-shirt. i like them both… maybe i can promote them to all my friend

  • Manoj kumar

    I like ninja mouse…

  • Rupali

    I like the Ninja Mouse.

  • Demid Tchernyishev

    I like “Ninja Mouse”! Very cool!

  • tooeazi

    Ninja Mouse.

  • Bayu

    I like both of them….both attractive smart & funny…

  • hunt

    i want one of ninja mouse ^_^

  • Juniar Widi Artanto

    I LIke Ninja Mouse, he’s funny design

  • A S Hidayat

    I choose Ninja Mouse..Simple design make great attention.

  • sony hidayat

    I choose Ninja Mouse..Simple design make great attention. I’m from Indonesia, if i win, it will be send free to my country, right? thanks a lot.

  • Ninja Mouse is the better design in my opinion!

  • kate

    i like them both are cool i were them both

  • I lke “Ninja Mouse”, because eye catching. I’m so proud if have this tshirt….
    Indonesia wait U!

  • shilpa

    i really like both its awesome

  • HUI LI


  • Santosh


  • Renae Benett

    I like Ninja Mouse, because it makes the best sense, it means small but powerful plus I am in the NiNJA generation (No Income, No Job No Assets) to me it says we are fighting back! we are goign to survive this BIGman is so unoriginal and predictable. I could have come up with that in my sleep.



  • wendi

    love ninja

  • Nelson

    Ninja Mouse look great. Thumb up

  • sukban abdul aziz

    the ninja one is great

  • vendan

    ninja mouse is cool

  • Affan Maulana

    I very like Design #1 – “Ninja Mouse”,very ispiratif & Cute design

  • Innu chan

    BIG MAN on Campus, really BIG…^_^

  • Angel

    Love the Ninja!!! It is cute and grabbed my attention right away!!

  • Bogdan

    The second one BigMan on Campus Tee is funnyer than the Ninja

  • Ninja one looks cool, love it

  • i like the ninja mouse

  • Casper

    The ninja one is great :)

  • I like the Ninja the best..

  • Ninja Mouse all day long!!!

  • “Big Man on Campus” All the way !!!

    Think “BIG” ;-)

  • Ninja mouse reminds me of the 2008 olympic mascots! But I like that one over the big man!

  • I like the Ninja Mouse but I think it needs to be tougher looking like the Big man on campus

  • Hi Ontha. We’ll be giving away the shirts in batches. Make sure you fan us on Facebook so you can see when we announce the first batch.

  • yudis

    I really like Ninja mouse

  • lia

    Good job, I really like Ninja mouse, has a charm ..
    can I get a prize shirt boss? hehehe

  • ontha

    I like both, because they have character, but can I get a shirt? whoever becomes the winner?

    thank you very much.

  • Both designs very male in feeling and design. Ninja slightly less so.

  • Ninja Mouse All The Way!

  • Big fan of the Big Man!

  • BIG thumbs up for BIG MAN ON THE CAMPUS! Most powerful message of the two designs….

  • I really like the ninja!

  • Mark Barclay

    Team Ninja Mouse shirt – as it has a quirky contemporary edge to it – “kicking” down barriers to business and making e-commerce easier & simplistic – Big Commerce coming out fighting on top :)

  • Big Man on campus is a classic and one of those “why didn’t I think of that” designs. It conveys what BG is all about – saving the day for us entrepreneurs by giving us an easy-to-work-with, effective e-commerce platform!

  • Team Ninja Mouse

  • angie

    i love the ninja mouse, i’d wear it! BUT the second one makes so much sense.

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