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The flow, function and aesthetic of your site is paramount to your success as an online business. Why? Simple: design elicits emotion and how your customer feels about your brand determines if they buy from you or a competitor instead.

Beyond just the way it looks, though, it also needs to function properly and conveniently. Full site search, for instance, is a necessity, especially if you have a multitude of items that you’re selling. Navigation must remain consistent, ideally product photos are sized identically and your fonts and colors match throughout.

You might think all of this is branding 101, but the design you choose to implement for your online business can make these necessities difficult to implement, or something you don’t even have to think about (i.e. the design does it automatically). Which would you choose?

To help you understand exactly what it is a site needs in order to satisfy consumer shopping habits and expectations today, we rounded up the experts in the field. Meet Eamon Rodeck, founder and CEO of design firm Weizen Young, Danni Johnson, marketing director for online store 21 Drops and Liam Garcia, enterprise account manager at Bigcommerce.

Combined, these three possess expertise in everything ecommerce, including enterprise brand-level site design, years of ecommerce consulting to improve conversions and actual site redesign experience from a marketing manager who oversaw the project. We’ve rounded up their collective knowledge below for online business owners looking to increase conversions through thoughtful site design strategies.

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  • BlueDogSmith

    Is there a video that goes with the slide show images?

  • Awesome Tracey, Your posts are always spot on. Keep them coming.

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