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Having an affiliate program greatly increases your sales. Every single affiliate you add to your program is trying to make more money by increasing your sales. If you have an affiliate tracking/management system like BCATracker, every single link the affiliates use to reach your site will be considered as back-links by most search engines. This will dramatically increase your site’s reputation in the eyes of the search engines. Isn’t that cool? BCATracker (Bigcommerce Affiliate Tracker) is the easiest way to start an Affiliate Marketing Program for your Bigcommerce store. BCATracker was designed specifically for Bigcommerce. This allows us to carefully analyze each and every generated sale (affiliate sales that is) and minimize fake/fraudulent affiliate sales. This Hosted Affiliate Management software brings merchants and affiliates together to make managing and tracking affiliate sales seamless, secure and easy.

Our mission is to serve our clients big or small with the same passion, integrity, loyalty and effectiveness, without the high expense normally associated with these types of services.

Some Features include:

  • Designed and Built for Bigcommerce.
  • Easy/Minimal Setup (You’ll be up and running in a few minutes).
  • Simple but Innovative and Powerful Risk Assessment that will allow you to Spot Potential Fake Affiliate Orders/Sales.
  • SEO Tracking Links. More Link Juice as they call it!
  • Dynamic Banner and Text ads.
  • Dynamic QR Code for Online and Offline Advertising
  • Simple to Understand but Powerful Reports
  • Fast, Effective and Response Design that allows you to manage your affiliates from any mobile device.
  • Way More….
$14.99 / month
Free trial
15 days

Client Reviews (17)

Non existant customer service about 5 days ago by inf...com http://www.eczemacompany.com
Things were ok a few years ago when I signed up. I received help setting things up and the program was pretty flawless and took care of the basics of my affiliate program. Then 1.5 years ago I needed to change my credit card on file and couldn't do it through the system. It took 6 months before I had a response. Now over the past 2 weeks they've been having server issues and my product pages aren't downloading quickly and I see it's BCA Tracker that's slowing things up. I contacted the app and didn't get a response until I made Bigcommerce aware and then the app contact replied to me with this "The problem is that one of the stores on the same server is over utilizing their allowed hits and it’s causing a crash. I will work on this today and get it resolved so that it doesn’t happen again. I apologize for this inconvenience." But the page download time is slow on and off. It keeps happening. I've emailed him a few times since with no response. So, I've just uninstalled the app and will not be using them again. Now I'm stuck tryign to find another affiliate program to move to quicly so my affiliates don't get upset about lost sales.
Problems at First about 1 year ago by Norman Doyle http://www.RubyClaireBoutique.com

We had some problems getting this installed correctly and then had a very hard time getting anyone from their customer support to return our emails.  All of that has now been resolved and BCATracker has been good to assist us in resolving our problems.  We are still testing to make sure all is good.  Once I determine that everything is working properly I will come back and update this review. (June 10, 2015)

Excellent App about 1 year ago by lau...com

Excellent costumer service, very professional. Thank you Will defiantly recommend it.

Needs some more work about 1 year ago by Marketing Media http://www.proteinco.ca

App needs some more work to be at par with other solutions out there. 

Don't bother - looks full featured but doesn't work about 1 year ago by pma...com

Perhaps they are on an extended vacation but I've been asking support questions for weeks without an answer.  They will gladly sign you up though.  Here are some of the problems as I see them

  • No documentation
  • Requests through their online support question form go unanswered
  • Direct mail to their support address go unanswered
  • It is almost impossible to figure out how to gain access to their support forums, which are, by the way, empty. But once you do you find that you cannot post questions there either.
  • Tracking stats for an affiliate don't reliably show up in the merchant area
  • Tracking embed code for affiliate marketing materials requires embedding javascript, which a number of sites won't allow.
  • No Help
  • No Support
  • No one home

Sad, because it looks quite slick and promising.

Not Good about 1 year ago by joh...com

Support is pretty bad! they tell you one thing and dont do it. I asked several times for help on adding commissions manually and they never did it. I will be switching to another platform its just not there yet, i cannot see paying a monthly fee for this service. There are many other affiliate softwares that have tons of features this one does not for the same price or just a bit more. 

Excellent Customer Service over 2 years ago by dav...com http://www.shieldsofstrength.com

The BCA Tracker staff provides outstanding professional customer service.  I am not a technical person and I don't have time to study applications.  With BCA Tracker, I don't have to worry about not being technical or spending hours learning the application.  The App is simple and the staff is always available to answer my question.  My emails are answered in a timely manner and when I request a phone call, the BCA Tracker staff responds quickly.  I highly recommend BCA Tracker to anyone who wants to increase sales through affiliate marketing.  

AWFUL over 2 years ago by sal....uk http://www.factorysupplements.co.uk

Took my money, will not allow me to cancel or remove the service, seems as though the company / app developers have gone bust, no replies to emails, had to do a charge back on the company and cancel my card....thanks BCA tracker

Needs Work over 2 years ago by chr...com http://shop.gooddayorganics.com

Can't change the currency until the new updates are released. Makes it difficult for a UK user 

Easy to use, sales tracking accuracy was poor over 2 years ago by con...com http://www.stampnstorage.com

BCA Tracker was easy to setup and easy to add affiliates.  However there's no communication back to the affiliate when sales occur and in direct tests it didn't always capture sales that should have been credited to the affiliate.

Nice Affiliate Program! Easy to Navigate over 2 years ago by Yvonne http://MakeupCreations

After much research on Affiliate programs, I can now see how important they can be to some of the success of your business. 

Wanted to stay in a platform that would support my Big Commerce web site and I found it! After contacting them by email, I got a response quickly and also an appointment set up to review what and how the  BC Tracker App would work with and for my site. I was VERY impressed with the time Hiva took with me and the patience about explaining and setting up the program on my web site! He even took the time to drop in my Logo for me on the sign up page. He was very through going over the App and how it works...... it seems fairly simple and up to date compared to others I read about.

I would not hesitate to recommend BC Tracker

Thank you Hiva!

So Easy for Affiliates & Merchants!!! over 2 years ago by ord...com http://www.HairComestheBride

I had used another affiliate software in the past and it was a little too complicated and confusing (especially for my affiliates)!  I was so excited when I found that there had been an affiliate program created specifically for Big Commerce!  It was incredibly easy to set up, incredibly easy to use and customer service is excellent, so helpful!  I am so happy with everything the way it is now, but I also understand that there are even more improvements coming, which will just be the icing on the cake!  

Really like the look and feel, Its also really simple to use over 3 years ago by Jason

As others have mentioned, BCATracker Staff are amazing to work with, they are very knowledgeable about their product and are extremely helpful. They helped me set everything up and I couldn't be happier. I will update this review when I use the product a little more.

Suprised how easy it is & Love the customer service over 3 years ago by Rachel cashmerehairextensions.com

I was a little confused about how the affiliate program would work with my online store, but it was so much easier than I expected. I even got a phone call from customer service immediatly after emailing them with a question, which I was so happy about, because so many of these apps don't have a phone number or anyone that will help you. Great program, and I love how it integrates into my Big Commerce dashboard so that I can see everything in one place! Thank you SO MUCH BCA Tracker! 

Easy, Modern and Awesome Interface/System over 3 years ago by hiv...com

BCATracker is simply the best Affiliate Tracking solution we've used. Its really easy to navigate and configure. Support team is always there for you (even outside their operating hours). Definitely would recomend this Affiliate Management Software.

Suprised how easy it is & Love the customer service by Rachel http://www.cashmerehairextensions.com
I was a little confused about how the affiliate program would work with my online store, but it was so much easier than I expected. I even got a phone call from customer service immediatly after emailing them with a question, which I was so happy about, because so many of these apps don't have a phone number or anyone that will help you. Great program, and I love how it integrates into my Big Commerce dashboard so that I can see everything in one place! Thank you SO MUCH BCA Tracker!
All the features we need, none of the hassle! by Jason
Does everything we need it to do at a great price. Its really easy to setup, configure and get around. The connection to Bigcommerce also works great for order validation! Definitely recommend BCATracker!