Feedzai Fraud Prevention for Retailers

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Get an instant payment credit score on your buyers, during checkout. Feedzai Fraud Prevention evaluates every sales order for payment risk and assigns a risk score. Give your store the fraud science expertise used by banks and payment networks.


  • Stop losing money (merchandise, chargeback fees, frozen accounts) from fraudulent purchases
  • Improve customer satisfaction by reducing shipment delays, excessively flagged reviews, blocked payments
  • Give your store the power of bank-grade risk management analytics used by large payment networks
  • The Feedzai Difference

  • Machine-Learning Fraud Models - Once trained, models actively adapt to your specific business patterns (versus rules-only systems which cannot intelligently act).
  • Behavioral Profiling - Protects your real customers from payment fraud, account takeovers; while protecting your from 'friendly fraud' caused by excessive 'item not receive or shipment damage' abuse.
  • White-Box Explanations - Detailed, human-readable explanations of scores maintain high customer satisfaction.
  • Enrichment Data - Geospatial, Device ID, Social Network data reduces order review delays.
  • Big Data Scale - Stores of any size can tap into modern data science and predictive analytics.
  • Client Reviews (5)

    AVOID THIS APP. about 1 year ago by sal....co http://www.audioshop.co/

    Awful , avoid this app - it will costs you thousands. Furthermore , it marks fraudulent "unauthorised" transactions as "SAFE". It is breaching consumer law by showing misleading information. Currently being investigated with Consumer Affairs Australia.


    Great Start for first filter about 1 year ago by inf...com http://longboardsusa.com/longboards/

    Does a good job for quick review for suspicious data and odd information. 

    CreditCard info is not (completely) captured, which is kind of strange, but for a first check/no check it does a good job.


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    Not for me about 1 year ago by nic...com http://www.paws2purrfection.com

    Extremely slow response time. No notifications received until a day or two after the order is placed. Also, getting "suspicious" notifications for EVERY ORDER including the orders I KNOW are legitimate. Uninstalling this app. This is a great idea, but the technology isn't quite there yet. Keep working on this idea though. Very interested if you can perfect it!

    Awesome over 2 years ago by Hunters Emporium http://Hunters Emporium

    This is a great app if you dont want to have to worry about chargebacks on your account. So far it has found several charges that I have denied due to a high risk of fraud. AND ITS FREE!

    Does what it says it does over 2 years ago by cra...com http://dorkees.com