Product Review Importer & Exporter

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Use a CSV file to import Product Reviews into your BigCommerce store.

This is the easiest way to import product reviews from another system!

New: Export all of the reviews on your store for easy import into Yotpo!

Client Reviews (3)

Export Success 2 months ago by
Due the the nature of our products, we wanted to have a single page that displayed all product reviews. This program successfully exported product reviews without any issues.
Quick and easy 5 months ago by
I managed to import all of my reviews within 15min, thanks a lot!
Somewhat broken and unsupported 9 months ago by
This app is promising, but is broken in several ways and unsupported by Big Commerce: 1. Trying to import a large number of reviews (1,500 in our case) results in large numbers of "429 Too Many Requests," presumably because of rate-limiting on the Big Commerce API. (Possible work around: import reviews in smaller batches). 2. When matching against product name, any products that have a "&" in the product nme will fail. 3. There's a conflict if you try connect reviews to products via SKU, and the SKUs are numeric: the app interprets numeric values as Big Commerce product IDs, not as SKUs, and the connection doesn't happen (workaround: use the product name, not the SKU). We were told by Big Commerce support that this app was coded by an employee who's since left the company. Several attempts to request support failed. In other words, you're on your own.a