Sift Science Fraud Prevention

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Fraud prevention has never been simpler

Dealing with fraud can be complicated. Fraudsters are working harder than ever to take advantage of your store.

Sift Science simplifies fraud prevention. We make it easy for store owners to make informed decisions about orders and stop fraud. Make your fraud review process less manual with Sift Science.

Let Sift Science do the hard work

Sift Science uses machine learning (the same technology that Amazon and Apple employ) to fight fraud by identifying patterns in data. We analyze thousands of characteristics of every order, including:

  • Device Fingerprint - Is the customer using a similar device to other customers or known fraudsters?
  • Distance between Billing, Shipping, and IP Addresses
  • Email Address and Domain
  • Order Value and items purchased
  • Customer's Time to Purchase Order
  • Social Data, including Facebook profile information

Stay a step ahead of fraudsters

From the moment you sign up, your business benefits from Sift Science's extensive network and knowledge base of global fraud patterns. As we find cases of fraud across our network, we continuously update Sift Scores in real time so that your business is always one step ahead of fraudsters.

Decide with Confidence

For every order, the Sift Science plugin displays a Sift Score. The Sift Score ranges from 1 to 100 and represents the likelihood that a user is fraudulent. All BigCommerce Enterprise merchants get access to the Sift Science Console and our powerful fraud review tools.

Partner with the Best

Sift Science is an industry leader in fraud detection and prevention. In 2014, Sift Science received the Merchant Risk Council's prestigious METAward, celebrating our innovative and effective approach to fighting fraud. Sift Science fights fraud for businesses of all types and sizes, from stores on BigCommerce to companies like OpenTable, Jackthreads, and airbnb.

Start fighting fraud today!

It's easy to get started and installation is simple.

Client Reviews (6)

BigCommerce Is Getting Worse 8 months ago by
Price increase with false value. We are leaving BigCommerce because of this garbage. False value is fraud!
Not FREE! 9 months ago by
We were lead to believe that this was a Free service for the Enterprise plan. However after one month it stopped working.
Lame 9 months ago by

Why would I use this when I can get real coverage through either signifyd or riskified for pennies?

HUGE ASTERISKS: Preview Offer; Not all Futures Available 10 months ago by
NEW UPDATE Wow. BC doesn't disappoint with making something available then having it completely limited. This feature doesn't let you use more than one 'custom list'. A list lets you create your own parameters to what you want to target: IP signals, address to billing, etc. Yet, even though it is 'included', it isn't all of the features and is a complete waste of money to use PRO (unless you are forced to with the amt of orders you receive). PREVIOUS ISSUE <<>>> This app isn't functioning based on what BC stated it would do.  This app is 'free' in the sense that it connects to Sift Science; but the services aren't free.  You may be wondering about the BigCommerce Pricing page showing that 'fraud management' is included, but after consulting with the BC support team; I was told that the app is offered for free to connect with Sift Science, not the services.

I also found that when my account got updated to $519.99/month that 'Sift Science Fraud Management' was included, but again that applies to only the app to login to Sift Sciences. This information is what I was told by BC Support on 4/6/2016.

App Navigation broken 11 months ago by Kevin Muggleton

Only just started using, navigation is really awkward, ie no way to return to main screen other than back page after delving into each customer

N/A about 1 year ago by Wildbeaks