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Create a custom loyalty program to reward your shoppers. Increase revenue, retention, and referrals with a BigCommerce rewards program.

Smile.io allows you to quickly set up and run your own loyalty program. When you reward your customers they are much more likely to return and make a repeat purchase.

Over 15,000 merchants are boosting revenue and repeat purchases with a Smile.io program. These merchants are seeing a 15% increase year-over-year in revenue and a 20% increase in repeat purchases.

How it Works

Smile.io allows you to create a rewards program that can include any combination of points, referrals, and VIP. Once you install Smile.io a launcher will be added to your store. This launcher becomes the hub for all your rewards programs.

You can reward your customers for 10+ profitable site actions including: purchases, referrals, account registrations, social shares, and more. You decide what to reward and how much you will give.

Smile.io is the most feature rich rewards solution on BigCommerce!

Enterprise Capabilities

Our free plan is great for stores that are just getting established, but our paid plans have features to really accelerate your growth.

Advanced Visual Customization:

Create a totally branded loyalty program with our theming. Add custom imagery, add your own icons, select your preferred color, and even add in your own logo!

VIP Tiers:

Offer your customers even more incentive to continue shopping with you. VIP tiers allow you to reward your best customers with increasing perks as they shop.

Tab-less Program:

Looking for a more integrated look? You can use our intent system to build a program without the tab. You can link to the modal from your header, footer, or any clickable object.


Use our developer API to customize your program to your unique needs. You can create custom ways to reward points as well as sync information to other third party apps such as your email service provider.


Our paid plans are based on the number of members enrolled in your loyalty program. You can start for free with up to 500 members. Please see our website for detailed pricing information. If you are looking for the best loyalty program available, consider applying for the Enterprise Program on our site to receive account management and loyalty consultation!

Start Your Smile.io Loyalty Program Today!

Client Reviews (453)

Loyalty building and rewarding customers made easy about 20 days ago by bar...com
Smile used to be another company but their product has evolved greatly over the years. Still easy to use, easy to install, and a breeze to add to any storefront.
Absolutely excellent and easy about 1 month ago by bre...com
This app was as easy to set up as Re:amaze. Great onboarding and clear instructions. More companies need to understand that ecommerce merchants have no time to fiddle around and they need to make things as easy as possible. Lots of great features from the Smile app!
Excellent App 2 months ago by sim....uk http://plumbingsupplies24.co.uk/
Excellent App with good features , the videos make it nice and easy to set up
Awesome 3 months ago by Bullets & Bombshells Gun Society http://www.thebombshellcompany.com
This is an amazing app. So easy to set up, and seriously awesome to get more from the experience between customers and your business. This is a win win. I am using the free version, I wish I had activated this sooner.
Loyalty Points & Referrals 3 months ago by fre...com https://www.freedeliveryprinting.com
I installed the app moments ago and I must be honest....the install was seamless. What made this a no-brainer was the fact that it was FREE for up to 500 customers. I plan on keeping this app because even at the entry level of $59/month...it's worth it.! I haven't had an opportunity to contact the support team but from what I have read, they're pretty good at helping out.
good Free APP for inhighstreet.com 3 months ago by roy...com https://www.inhighstreet.com
we are selling Bridal Jewelry & Tiara & Wedding Jewellery, this APP can help us in this beginning time ,because it is free.
Very helpful support staff 3 months ago by naf...com http://www.growandbehold.com
Just getting going with this program, but so far the support staff have been responsive, helpful, attentive. Looking forward to more!
Very helpful support staff 3 months ago by naf...com http://www.growandbehold.com
Just getting going with this program, but so far the support staff have been responsive, helpful, attentive. Looking forward to more!
Had to Uninstall due to price 4 months ago by m@s...com https://www.skin911.com/
Maggie was great! She downloaded my customers and their loyalty points so I could close the app. She was pleasant, quick, and gave me great customer service. I am a small business and could not afford the price, but never had a problem that was not solved quickly and pleasantly while on the free plan.
Great App for customer retention 4 months ago by sup...com http://www.manechickhair.com
My customers love this feature and it is a great tool to retain customers and offer incentives. Thanks Smile.io!
Great. Enough free services to be worth it 4 months ago by inf...com http://essenceluxecouture.com/
I really like it. I mean there could be more features, but considering that im using the free account, I feel like Im not missing out so much. But thats cause we're a small business. Any larger and I would need a paid account. Only negative is that their plans are, in my opinion, too expensive.
Can't manage how many members you have. 4 months ago by the...com http://thefabricfox.co.uk/
Since a recent update I can no longer manage how many members I have. I have customers who have forgotten their passwords and made a second account to make a purchase on our website. This means they are taking up 2 spaces on our loyalty club and 1 of those accounts isn't being used. I queried this and was told I had to delete the customer from my big commerce store which I don't want to do as I would lose all details of their previous transactions. This means my number of members is increasing to near to my 500 limit and I have no way to control this without deleting customer accounts which is unprofessional. Paying $59 a month for the next tier is way too expensive, it's more than double what I pay per month for my whole website, $5.99 a month and I would consider it! Will definitely have to stop using this app if the facility to delete customers is not added back on.
Decent App with Limitations (updated) 5 months ago by cut...com https://www.cutepetgear.com
This app is easy to use once set up, but it was not a 10 minute set up. I have still not been able to use it when my mobile version is enabled, so my site is currently set to show the desktop version across all platforms. This makes the enroll button on mobile devices super tiny and not easy to see. The support instructions for showing the icon on the mobile site were not complete. Guess you can't complain for a free (to start) app, but it is a disappointment from that perspective. Otherwise, it's working fine. UPDATE: Full disclosure. After using the app with my mobile theme disabled (not optimal, but at least my mobile users were able to participate), I was contacted by the company advising there was an update available that would fix the issue. I was also asked to consider revising my review once I completed the update. I promptly updated the app with the one-click update. Super easy, but it did not fix the issue. I advised Smile.io of the situation and they looked further into it. I was also asked to make sure the code was applied to my mobile theme (which I previously spent hours configuring with Big Commerce support) and I told Smile.io that I would not go through that process again. Within a day, they contacted me to say they had gone in and corrected the glitch and I am now seeing the Rewards button on my mobile theme. I have updated my review from 3 stars to 4. I am pleased with how the Rewards button is showing and behaving on my site (including mobile). It seems the update may have changed how that button appears and acts on screen and I like it. Outside of that, the app works well and I have the ability to manually update points, which I like because I can add points for some regular customers who also shop offline with me at special events. The app does all the work and I like that. I do wish the referral feature was a little more prominent, but I have tried to promote that feature on my own. I really would like my customers to be sending their referral code out to everyone they know (and I award the most points for that). I cannot, however, update my review to 5 stars . When I experienced the issue with the app not displaying on my mobile theme, I contacted Smile.io support and though I received a prompt response, I was told it was working correctly, which it was not. It was not until someone read my initial review that I was contacted (and also asked to consider updating my review) and someone took the initiative to help. That said, I am feeling good that Smile.io is reading its reviews, offered a solution, and then followed up to ensure my issues were resolved. Had that happened when I first asked for help, I would have updated my review to 5 stars. All in all, I am now pretty happy with how things are working with this app. I can recommend it, with full disclosure on some customer service pluses and minuses - with the scales tipped a little more toward the plus at this time.
Loyalty Points 5 months ago by car...com http://beautiful-lady.com/
Great App for helping to build customer loyalty.
Great Customer Service 5 months ago by jac...com https://www.LuckysLiquor.com
The app has worked great and has all the features i need. My customer service experience with Maggie was awesome. She addressed everything I needed and took care of me in a very timely manner. Would highly recommend.
We'll See 5 months ago by adm...com http://www.discountmylarbags.com
Something we've been meaning to do for years, we'll see what happens! Update 1 (downgrade to 2 stars): After testing this morning, I noticed customers get points for 'sharing' on Twitter and Facebook, even if they cancel the post and don't actually share. The most important feature and reason I installed smile.io was for the social sharing. If folks can get points for not actually sharing, that's terrible design.
Have Installed 5 months ago by mic...com http://www.smartkart.co.uk/
We have installed the Smile hopefully will be able to attract more customers, will update my review once we see the positive changes. Thanks Mark
Awesome Easy Set Up 6 months ago by myf...com http://myfavoritethingstn.biz
Super easy set up! Excited to see this in action!
Watch repair shop 6 months ago by dal....uk http://redroosteruk.com
The free content is really good, so lets you test before subscribing, wish more did that, good app.
Unique Shopping 6 months ago by uni...com http://uniqueshoppingnow.com/
we absolutely love it
Love it! 6 months ago by inn...com http://www.innerego.com.au
Our Customers love the rewards program. It is easy to use and looks great. installation is super easy too!!
Great 6 months ago by tra...com https://www.essentialgoods.net
works well and has a very simple interface!
No issues. Love it 7 months ago by lim...com https://www.limitlessdesignus.com
I may not have the paid version, but the FREE is just as good. I'm familiar with the program from a previous job, and I was so excited to have found it!
5 Stars 7 months ago by Jason Shrode http://weslap.com
Easy to Install, pretty cool features.
Very easy to get started! 7 months ago by pur...com https://australiaoriginals.com
Easy & fast install, running in minutes!
Very intuitive and simple 7 months ago by fqcrafts https://www.fabianwoodworks.com.au
This app was simple to use. It have generous tiers which allows our growing business to benefit from its capabilities and test out its functionalities. We have started off with the starter plan but are very impressed with its features so far. A great product that I would not hesitate to recommend.
Exactly what we wanted! 7 months ago by Bob Koch https://www.quiverglobal.com/
This is everything we wanted. Initially we wanted a way to set up referral discounts but with the added point feature, we have even more ways to get the word out about our products and website.
Set everything up in 10 minutes! 7 months ago by aco...org http://store.care-net.org/
I was able to setup the app, the rewards program, and our referral program up in 10 minutes. I'm not kidding, it was incredibly easy!
Abby From Kitchner Rules 8 months ago by kei...com http://playandcollect.com
Although I was able to figure out my issue on my own do to the user friendlyness of the app she made sure I was 100% confident in rolling out the program, and is a great asset to the team! Highly recommend this app for rewards program and awesome customer service! YAY
Great App ! 8 months ago by mid...com https://midantrimangling.co.uk
Quick and simple to set up and does what it says .
Very easy to use! 8 months ago by Gillian Spence http://www.rainbowmealworms.net
After Loyalis left us hanging, we needed a rewards program to take its place ASAP. Bigcommerce recommended Smile.io, and expecting to spend the better part of the weekend setting it up, I had it up and running in minutes.
So easy to set up! 8 months ago by kar...com https://craftistitch.com
A fantastically simple, yet powerful rewards program. I'm going to upgrade to the basic plan as i like the idea of customizing further what the customer view is. Linking referrals to a points based system AND being able to fully edit that system was the winner for me!
Amazing 8 months ago by tra...com https://www.luckyfragrance.com
Great app to be able to help my customers get more for there money
Set up 8 months ago by Lisa Webb http://www.motoxart.com
Super easy to set up and get running
Up and running in less than 10 minutes! 8 months ago by sal...com http://www.ceramicchristmastrees.info/
Quick and easy to set up. The hardest part was finding where to leave a review!
Very easy to use! 8 months ago by tyc...com http://tychedonca.com/
My customer loves collection points and using points to get discount. Very user friendly and simple to use. This is such a great tool for small business like us!
Great App! 8 months ago by via....uk https://viandas.co.uk
Great App!
Easy Set-Up 9 months ago by new...com http://www.newfoundvapes.com/
I'm using the free version of this app, which is all I need for my small business. I'm hoping to entice new customers to sign up and earn rewards. Because of the type of business I own, I can't advertise on social media as I'd like, so I'm hoping this rewards program makes up for that. Only time will tell!
Time Saver 9 months ago by inf...com http://housemetropolis.com
This is a very cool app, it was very easy to set up and edit. Highly Recommend!
Highly recommended 9 months ago by mat...com https://allenstradingco-online.com/
I love this app. Really simple to setup and use and our customers love the rewards they get!
Good App 9 months ago by inf...com http://www.thesoapshackbaby.com
Easy to setup. Works good.
Fast Straight To the point 9 months ago by the...com http://the-luxe-touch5.mybigcommerce.com/?ctk=20M1BRL9XT4264S9199GA8U
pretty straight to the point simple set up
Review 9 months ago by dcs....ph http://load1.com.ph
Highly recommended!
Not working! 9 months ago by cos...com
Love this app, but it seems to not be working right now. Please help
Love it 9 months ago by jon...com http://www.affordablebathclub.com
What a great idea. Looks promising!
Very Convenient 9 months ago by tea...com https://www.silverstreamled.com
Loving the idea and the look of this app so far!
Easy Setup 9 months ago by tam....au http://www.littledanceinvitations.com.au/
Trialling this app so far easy to set up and looks promising.
Super Easy 9 months ago by j.s...com https://www.bellaandbeaubotanicals.com
Took literally minutes to set up just how I wanted. By the time you have read this review you could have already had your store half way set up with the easy to use, and very useful app.
Wow, it's so easy to setup and the support is amazing! 9 months ago by ala....au https://www.instantcatering.com.au/
Thanks so much for such an easy to use app! I also received very quick support for help on our mobile theme. Thanks again and well done!
Works Perfectly as Expected! 9 months ago by aus...com http://proenergyproducts.com
I love this app! It has amazing features that help my sales and workflow tremendously@!
Sucks! 9 months ago by WorldStar Vape http://www.cityofvape.com
There is no way to exclude wholesale customers from earning points. Because of this, wholesale customers abuse this and practically get stuff for free. They know rewards points are strictly for retail customers, but they do not care and use their points anyway. I delete them from the rewards program, but it adds them back with 100 points ANYWAY!!!
Great app 9 months ago by jam...com
this is a great app use it well
Great Product 9 months ago by mba...com https://www.gothamcigars.com
Looking forward to getting set up. This looks great! Great Support great options for a loyalty program.
The Best 9 months ago by mic...com https://kantilaki.com/
Helps a lot with getting and keeping customers!
Great App 9 months ago by lil...com http://www.lilylaneclothing.com/
I wish I would have known about this app sooner. I've been trying to figure out a referral program for weeks to reward customers and this is the answer I was looking for. Super easy to set up.
Free Powerful Functionality With Incredible Customer Service! 9 months ago by and...com https://zavko.com
I looked around for the best reward program solution, and this is the best one hands down! Free to start, and integrates perfectly into our BigCommerce Store! I had some really specific questions, and Abby answered all of them so well!!! Every customer service team needs someone like Abby!
Great App with some good features 9 months ago by mar....uk https://www.wintecs.co.uk
OK so it's early days but have to say this app gives everything it promises. Some great features that can be tweaked to suit everyone's store. Download it you won't be disappointed.
Great App 10 months ago by ewa....ca http://www.nonutsaboutus.ca
This is a great addition to our online store. App is easy to use and set up is a breeze.
Great APP 10 months ago by sal...com http://fvapetech.com/
This app is great and so easy to setup. I am looking forward to see the result of adding this app to our web store. thanks for letting us try for free. Thanks Tim
Simple, intuitive, flexible 10 months ago by Dyal Rental http://www.dyalrental.com
We are trying out our first loyalty program - this seems like the perfect solution.
Simple, intuitive, flexible 10 months ago by Dyal Rental http://www.dyalrental.com
We are trying out our first loyalty program - this seems like the perfect solution.
Such an easy app add on 10 months ago by sno...com http://thesnoblovebar.com
I LOVE this app! It allows my customers to feel special and appreciated. This is a feature that I couldn't create on my old website host. this will be a win win for your business!
Clear and easy! 10 months ago by hel....uk http://www.theprintedpeanut.co.uk/
I have just installed this and it is very clear and easy to use!
Rewards program 10 months ago by den....au https://www.novaswimwear.com/
Just installed Smile io, so far so good
Excellent! 10 months ago by cus...com http://www.digicalgifts.com
This is an amazing app and the free trail is very reasonable. I will be upgrading as soon as my company expands.
Great for customer retention 10 months ago by and...com https://www.sogoodtobuy.com
We've used this app to offer customers reward points, and it has given us an edge over our competitors. Over 1000 members have already signed up, and used their rewards points.
Loyalty has its price? 10 months ago by Martin Willmann http://myGermanCandy.com
We just checking out some programs to reward our customers!
Great app 10 months ago by pro...com
loyalty program 10 months ago by adm....au http://www.badwolfboutique.com.au
this was so easy! thank you so much
Very well put together loyalty program 10 months ago by Adi Treasures http://aditreasures.com
Very impressed by how well put together this service is. We highly look forward to our customers utilizing it.
easy setup 10 months ago by hwa...com http://stscottlondon.com
easy setup
Easy Setup 10 months ago by adm...com http://www.dancethreads.com
Nice easy flow on setup. No problem s, and looks great.
Great ! 10 months ago by inf...com http://www.theluvyourbaby.com/
Very easy to set up and working smoothly so far!
great 10 months ago by hom...com http://student.land
Great app!
Overall, NIce App 10 months ago by Bea...com
It would be great if the app allowed businesses to incorporate point balances in e-newsletters. Other than that, it's an easy to use program.
Great App! 10 months ago by teo...ore http://alphababy.sop
Perfect! It is working properly. My customers are loving the loyalty program. I definitely recommend. It is worth it.
Great App 10 months ago by gat...com http://gatewayauthentics.com/
Great app that is very easy to setup! Free for small businesses that are just setting up!
What an awesome app! We love it! 10 months ago by dwi...com https://www.luvpetsupplies.com/
Our customers really love coupons and giving rewards points allows us to compete with the bug guys. Thanks for the app, it's a great addition to our site - LuvPetSupplies.com
Easy to set up 10 months ago by hog...com http://www.nefertemnaturals.com
Just signed up and so far, so good. It was easy to install and I love that a basic reward system was already put into place.
Love the app...but 10 months ago by sun...com https://sunyislandblu.com/
I loved Sweet Tooth...until I had to switch from shopify to bigcommerce. It has become a nightmare. The customer rep I received was horrible and did not really seem like she understood how the platform even worked. It took her a few tries just to attach a csv file to her email. I had to create a brand new email, just to use the app on a new platform & have wasted days trying to get it going for my customers. If I had known how much work it would be to reset everything up I would have used a different app and started from scratch.
Looks great so far 10 months ago by ser...com http://www.sandgk.com/
Works really neat and no performance problems so far.
Looking good 10 months ago by jak...com
Awesome setup!
Looks good so far 10 months ago by kal...com https://inkkas.com.au
Really easy to set up and get started, I am loving that it is free to trial
Easy to Use! 10 months ago by dan...com http://lapetitechenille.com
This App was very easy to install and set up and customer support helped with any questions right away.
Great App! 10 months ago by jam...com https://www.offtheracks.com.au
Great App...Highly recommend
Great Loyalty app. 10 months ago by ger...com http://www.gersaloevera.com
great Loyalty app and so easy to install
Excellent App! 10 months ago by did...com http://www.salttraders.com/
Easy to install and lots of opportunities to customize. Customer support is fantastic; they respond quickly!
awesome 10 months ago by yaa...com https://store-h0rvg61yue.mybigcommerce.com
great app
Everyone needs to be using this 10 months ago by jake broadstock http://www.aquariumspareparts.com.au
This app was everything it said it was! Easy to install and even easier to customise
I love what Sweet Tooth has to offer 10 months ago by smi...com https://brewtasticsoaps.com
Sweet tooth is awesome, they fit my needs perfectly. The one down side is that this application does weigh down the page speed scores for Leverage browser caching of static assets. https://www.webpagetest.org/result/170511_XD_DCA/1/performance_optimization/
Connect to Customers 10 months ago by oli...com http://www.thecrystalcult.com
This App has really helped me connect with my customers and give them fun freebies that are beneficial to both of us in the end! THANK YOU!
Great Appwww.brosciencevapes.com 10 months ago by bro...com http://brosciencevapes.com/
Great app, easy to use, setup and customers love those rewards. Definitely helping the business!
looking forward to a successful partnership 10 months ago by jen...com https://www.kinksandquirks.com
We are looking forward to growing our customer base and increasing engagement with this app.
Pretty Cool App 10 months ago by dam...com http://www.saveddate.com/
I like this app, it does exactly what I need. A rewards program is a must if you want to make loyal customers
Easy to set up but you have to pay to get the features 11 months ago by kel...com http://blackshipgroomigco.com
the program is pretty straight forward and easy to set up. IM using the free version for now. I want to be able to do some customization so Ill have to see what can be changed in the paid versions. I also was hoping I could do three tiers but i really dont know that $399.00 a month is really worth that. I may look into s loyalty to see how they differ.
Set Up is a Snap! 11 months ago by blu...com http://www.bluepoppy.ca
I really wanted to add a loyalty program to my site, but I was worried about how difficult it might be to setup and manage. Sweet Tooth made the process painless, and I absolutely love the results!
working exactly as described 11 months ago by tro...com http://stepupmx.com/
we have not had the app long but it has been working great to this point. easy to install and really user friendly
sweet tooth AUSTRALIA 11 months ago by sal....au http://www.nursesonly.com.au
This i ssimple effective and free guys seriously this is a good app and simple to install..good job sweet tooth
Great Rewards Program 11 months ago by lub...com https://www.blindbuckfarm.com
Easy to use for customers. Tracks their spending efficiently. Customer service is prompt, friendly and always helpful.
Awesome 11 months ago by Cristen Breuer http://buybadtags.com
Setting up this app was super easy! Works like a charm and we already have people sharing our page to social media to grab points. Four paws up!
Great App! 11 months ago by inf...com https://www.russianhair.net
Great App. Easy. Works like a charm!
Exactly what we needed 11 months ago by hcl....au http://www.ecojarrah.com
While customizing BC we came across this App. Exactly what we needed! Great system
Easy Process 11 months ago by chr...com http://www.chriselaine.com
I was surprised at how easy this app was to install. No problems at all and it took less than a minute. Customization was also easy.
Seamless and Sweet 11 months ago by mis...com http://mcgchats.com
Easy to install and customize
Sweet 11 months ago by Chris http://www.goodbodyproducts.com
Quick easy setup. Hope this increases customer loyalty.
Awesome & easy!! 11 months ago by adm...com http://theorganicdepot.com
Took less than 60 seconds to set up and I have a fully functioning reward system! Highly recommend!
Great App! 11 months ago by cra...com http://craft-t-country.com/
Great Tool to help reward loyal customers and very easy to use!
Easiest App 11 months ago by ash...biz http://blingandbuttons.com
This was the easiest app to set up and immediately started working perfectly. No issues. My customers are loving it! I highly recommend.
Great App! 11 months ago by aur...com http://www.auralee-company.com
So Easy to Install! Cant Wait to see the results!
Very happy with the app! 11 months ago by sag...com http://fulltresses.com
Very helpful app interms of rewarding customers.
Organic Babe & Kids Wear 11 months ago by pam....au http://www.organicbabe.com.au
Am looking forward to implementing this app which I have just done a moment ago and work out how to make it our own
Intuitive App 11 months ago by jul....au http://www.directartaustralia.com.au/
Very easy to use. One important part of an overall marketing system.
Simple Enough 11 months ago by inf...com
Seems pretty easy to use for both the business and the customer.
Great but missing rewards for newsletter sign-up 11 months ago by ann...com https://www.theeternalheadonist.com
This app seems really easy to set up so far, but we were disappointed that we couldn't directly reward people for signing up to our newsletter. Otherwise seems to be a great idea and rewarding for social media engagement is a great idea
Great App 11 months ago by axp...com http://fridaparkerventurini.com
The future is now !!!
Great Reward Program 11 months ago by inf....nz
Good for the customer s to redeem for future purchases .
Great rewards program 11 months ago by roy...com http://royal-s-tackandsupply.com
Easy format to follow and our customers love the rewards! Thanks Sweet Tooth!
Awesome Support Staff! 11 months ago by spo...com http://www.sportsfevercal.com
This is an awesome plugin, that has some of the most supportive and fastest staff!
Very Good 11 months ago by Darren Heaysman https://www.heymot.co.uk
Very good Thank you very much very easy to set up
Love this app 11 months ago by tbo...com http://cbbathandbody.com/
This is the easiest app ever!! Very simple to setup.
Too pricey 11 months ago by lis....ca https://nest.ca
It's straightforward enough, but once we hit 500 people who signed up, we were surprised by the high price ($50 USD per month) to continue the program.
Does not integrate with BigCommerce. HORRIBLE support 11 months ago by inf...com http://www.cornerstonemantels.com
This App does not Integrate with BigCommerce. Not sure how it was approved at by BC. If there was a zero I would give it for support. They do not have ANYONE available to talk to. And, we have gone back and forth with them for two days trying to resolve a simple issue that their support team does not understand. This is probably a one person operation outsourcing all of their support. So, if you only need the basics it works good (use points for coupons codes is the only thing that really works). But stay away from any of the options that require paid plans as you will get they don't work with big commerce and you will get ZERO help.
Vape Juice and E-Juice just got better 11 months ago by VistaVapors Support https://www.vistavapors.com
Being a leader in the e-liquid industry we strive to meet the needs of our very loyal customer base. Thank you for delivering a great product for all us e-juice lovers.
Great App has great potential 11 months ago by con...com http://rockcreeksoaps.com
We've had good luck with this app so far, but I'd like for it to have an integratiom for gaining points for leaving reviews. If it did that, then I would just love it. Right now I need to manually add in points for leaving reviews.
Great App. 11 months ago by alp...com http://www.bestbrainfoodseat.com/
Easy to setup this App, very smooth does not slow down website, so far no issues.
Easy to setup 11 months ago by BOYBEADS http://www.boybeads.com
Very straightforward and easy to setup. I am just launching today and have 2 customers to sign up while I'm setting it up now. Highly recommended and really excited to start rewarding my loyal customers.
Great for small business! 12 months ago by drg...com http://www.mamabssweetpeas.com
I was excited to come across this app offering up to 500 loyalty members without costing a penny. As a small business, every bit counts. The set up and integration was super easy, and before I was even finished with all my settings, I already had someone sign up!
Great App! 12 months ago by wba...com http://www.greatalaskanseafood.com
We love Sweet Tooth!
Sweet tooth 12 months ago by ooh...com http://www.oohlalaeliquidswholesale.com
We love this app. We briefly tried an different loyalty program that needed up being more complicated and have now happily switched back to sweet tooth.
Easy to Use 12 months ago by Brynn Capella http://www.brynncapella.com
Still in the beginning stages of using the app, but excited to see the results!
Very easy app :) 12 months ago by sal...com http://www.dazzlingcoins.com/
Very happy with set up of this apps. Simple and straight forward. Thank you.
E Liquids 12 months ago by gmo...com http://www.justvape.eu
Great for marketing and at an affordable price
Best App! 12 months ago by spi...com http://www.memoriesonmagnets.biz
Simple steps for setup, great variety. I highly recommend!!!!
great app 12 months ago by WeGotJewels https://www.wegotjewels.com/
easy to use app. like it!
Fort Myers Fish and Seafood 12 months ago by inf...com http://fortmyersfishandseafood.com
Thank you Abby at customer support! You worked through all my frustrating questions. The program is working great now and customers are signing up! Thank you from Fort Myers Fish and Seafood team!
Kastel Denmark on Sweet Tooth! 12 months ago by sea...com http://kasteldenmark.com
Charlotte Jorst and the Kastel Denmark team would like to thank Sweet Tooth for such a great program. Easy to setup for happy customers to return. Thank you again Sweet Tooth.
Best Rewards App Ever! 12 months ago by adm...com http://laminerals.com
We have used other loyalty rewards programs, but Sweet Tooth is by far the BEST yet! Our customers love it too :)
Great App 12 months ago by Leslie http://www.smokem.ca
Thanks for the great product, this has really helped increase our customer loyalty.
Love it 12 months ago by beb...com http://www.soymuchbrighter.com
Love this points platform. It's a great incentive for my customers to come to my website rather than my Etsy shop. It's also nice to have a buffer of free customers until you have to start the monthly fee for the program.
Great App. 12 months ago by lav...com http://lavishingdelights.com/
I wanted to reward my repeat customers to show how much I appreciate them and this app helps me to do so. Thank you Sweet Tooth.
Great app! 12 months ago by Jas...com http://www.xxvbeauty.com/
Great app for helping my customers. I love giving back to my customers and sweet tooth has made it easy to use for both sides, me and my customers! Thank You!
good 12 months ago by yen...com http://fabricmail.com
This is a great addition to our website :)
good 12 months ago by fra...com http://frametory.com/
Great addition to our site! 12 months ago by the...com http://therootique.com
App is a great asset! We are enjoying it so far with no complaints!
Great so far! 12 months ago by woo...com
Set up 12 months ago by fro...com http://frocksandfrolics.com/
very good, quite pleased getting the help setting up. So lets see if this is going to get more people to my store. ---- Later on..... I am not sure it brought more customers to my store but it certainly makes those happy that can earn points while they are there already. Also the outreach staff is very helpful and I would consider the paying options as my shop grows for sure!
Great App - Easy To Use 12 months ago by loa...net https://www.loadupvape.com
Customers love this and seem to spend more to get to the next tier for discounts.
Sweet Loyalty rewards 12 months ago by geo...net http://www.caribbeanestore.com
Works like a Charm
Excellent Program 12 months ago by apa....co https://www.smokeybarrel.co
Very user friendly, just an all around easy and great reward program. Considering upgrading to see if I can get even better results.
Super SImple 12 months ago by chl...com https://www.rusticbeachcompany.com
Love this app, very user friendly and simple.
Easy to ue about 1 year ago by nat...com https://4kitchenandbath.com/
The app is very friendly to use
Over the moon about 1 year ago by web...com http://www.airspotters.com/
Instant difference the customers love it and it works like a dream and you're in control of how many points you give away. The customer service i experienced from Sweet Tooth is second to none, they bend over backwards to help........ What are you waiting for sign up today.
Good App about 1 year ago by swe...com http://katydidsngrasshoppers.com
Have had app a few months and seems to be working great!
good app about 1 year ago by Lin...com
Really neat idea about 1 year ago by mik...com http://www.chiliheat.com
App is easy to install and seems to work well. Looking forward to the increased revenue!
Great App about 1 year ago by Mario DellaTorre http://www.dbdpet.com
Great app, I use Sweet Tooth and it works really well
easy to use about 1 year ago by reb...com https://rebelinnstudios.com
This was easy to install and so far my customers like it. So win win!
Great APP about 1 year ago by zip...com https://zipravs.com/
Easy to use . GOOD
seems pretty easy about 1 year ago by inf...com https://store.compton-arms.com
Makes it very easy to offer loyalty incentives.
Great App about 1 year ago by shy...com http://redraideroutfitter.com
Customers love the rewards program! Easy to use and great results.
Benefit to Customers about 1 year ago by pau...com http://tauriainen.ca
Just started using this app. Love it! Can't wait to see how it boosts my sales. Thank you!!
Love this app!! about 1 year ago by nat...com http://natalierebeccadesign.com
Oh wow! I am in love with this app! It does everything I wanted, plus more! I can't wait to see how a rewards program boosts my sales. Thank you!!
Added Benefit about 1 year ago by dhi...ore http://www.mallboyz.store
This app is a great benefit to customers and will keep them coming back and engaged in mt site.
Awesome APP! about 1 year ago by lor...net http://www.bella-boutique.net
Simple easy to setup and understand. The opportunity you have to grow your business with this low cost app is fantastic. You have to try it if nothing else download the trial you will thank me later. This has to help drive more loyalty to your site.
great! about 1 year ago by her...com http://www.naturalherbalcreams.com/
great app, use it. I love it.
Love it about 1 year ago by gla...com http://shopglamexpressway.com
Just what we needed and free to boot! We are happy.
It works about 1 year ago by bri....co https://www.shopluvbuds.com/
No comparison, but it functions as needed for me.
Easy to install, simple to use about 1 year ago by nwp...com http://www.propurwater.com
The free version gives us just what we need, sweet app!
LOVE IT about 1 year ago by Shakira Green http://www.fantasticlifewellness.com
Awesome App about 1 year ago by nol...com http://nlc-apparel.com/
We've been looking for a good rewards program and this app allow us to create and manage our customers rewards with ease.
Great App about 1 year ago by tho...com http://www.arsenaldefense.com
Great rewards program!
a must about 1 year ago by fan...com http://httos://.fancygalboutique.com
amazing app
Our Thoughts about 1 year ago by sal...com http://goham-ind.com
We've been very happy with the rewards system! Very easy to install and setup. Customers appreciate the reward points as well.
my review about 1 year ago by mrd...com http://boldzest.com/?ctk=229OJP4L90ZWKTUVI63XBH3460
i love the idea of this app because it help makes the website seem more develop
Excellent! about 1 year ago by lvc...com
Super easy to setup and looks great! Adds great value to your site!
Great vape rewards system about 1 year ago by inf...com http://www.northwestvape.com
This reward system works great for our online vape marketplace letting our customers earn discounts on ejuice automatically, a lot like Five Stars we use in our b&m vape shop
Good App about 1 year ago by inf...com https://americanexpedition.us
So far so good. Leaving this review for the SEO backlinks benefits.
Great App! about 1 year ago by ara...com http://www.iaso-usa.com
Professional, yet, easy enough for a beginner. One of the best app!
Flexible customized reward system! about 1 year ago by ilo....hk http://www.i-lovebirdy.com
This is a great app giving you a flexibility to design your own point-based reward system. Highly recommend!
Amazing App! about 1 year ago by dee...com http://www.deleganceboutique.com
Loving it so far. Easy to install and integrate seamlessly. Can't wait to reap the rewards.
Just Love This Free App! about 1 year ago by okt...com http://ok-toner.us/
First of all, this was the most easiest app to install and set up. Secondly, I just installed this app (Sweet Tooth) so I don't know how well it draws in customers or retains them. Time will tell.
Best REWARDS App about 1 year ago by tie...com http://www.tiendafutbolecuador.com
The easeiest and comprehensive rewards app on the market, best-of-all FREE
Excellent about 1 year ago by hen....au http://www.mymusicbooks.com.au
Excellent application a must have for every ecommerce store
Looks promising! about 1 year ago by sar....uk http://www.craftallday.co.uk
This looks like a very promising way to retain customers and increase sales!
Great Marketing Tool about 1 year ago by cus...com http://www.jolsonsdesigns.com/
I just started using this app on my Bigcommerce store. It is very easy to set up and I've already received positive feedback from several customers. Very excited to too what kind of results I get.
Easy to Install & Set Up, like it about 1 year ago by coc...com http://coco-emily.com
We just launch this apps and ready to see it in action.
like it so far about 1 year ago by Cra...com
seems to be very customizable. ready to see it in action.
Easy to Install & Set Up! about 1 year ago by Ann...ess http://sugar.press
Really easy to install and set up. I just launch so we will see. Thanks for the App!
Good app about 1 year ago by FarBike https://www.farbike.com/
Great app, easy set up. Looks pro. Customers seem to like it.
Great App for costumer retention about 1 year ago by lau...com http://toxicenvyboutique.com/
The app is super easy to use and to set up. Costumers are coming back to redeem their points.
Great and easy to use, boosted our customer retention about 1 year ago by amp...com http://expivape.com
It was simple to use, and the setup was done in a matter of a few clicks. Ever since we implemented it, customers have been coming back to use their points. Before this, we couldnt seem to expand our customer base, and after implementing this with the built in referral function, our website gained traction.
Easy to setup about 1 year ago by vin...com http://vinylexclusives.com/
App was very easy to set up and it looks great!
easy install about 1 year ago by jac...com http://www.slippery-when-wet
very easy to setup. Looking forward to seeing how it works
Awesome! about 1 year ago by llo...com http://chaoticcorals.com/
These guys are pros. This is so easy to set up and gets customers coming back!
So far so good about 1 year ago by jus...com http://bakell.com
So far so good! just installed it, and did some basic set up. We'll see how it works out :-)
Great App about 1 year ago by dbt...com https://www.dbtoysonline.com/
Customers are enjoying their rewards!
SO easy to use! about 1 year ago by joi...com https://simplesquares.com/
Easy to install and heard from them within 24 hours as they checked in - impressive. Looking forward to tracking ROI!
so far so good about 1 year ago by bel...com https://blbeauty.co
it's easy to install and set up. But just started using it. Stay in tuned and I will up date the review as we go.
great app about 1 year ago by bet...com http://myhummingbirdswing.com/shop/?sort=featured&page=1
Simple to use, easy to manage! Great for my customers
Love this APP about 1 year ago by lil...com http://www.whiskey-ridge-outfitters4.mybigcommerce.com
I absolutely love this app, its so user friendly and my customers love it. Thanks for taking my business to the next level.
First Week about 1 year ago by Jameson Spooner https://www.tmbrs.com
Been using it for a week so far. Happy with it from what we have seen so far.
Very Pleased about 1 year ago by ord...com https://www.sashanicholas.com/
We are pleased that we decided on Sweet Tooth. It was quite easy to set up and our customers love all the ways to build their loyalty points! If you're not very tech savy, they have great customer service. Elli answered all our questions and changed updates in a timely manner!
Great App about 1 year ago by jen...com http://www.pawsnclawscouture.com
I love this app, my customers love it as well!! So many ways to reward my customers and I really like that about the app, I haven't had any issues with it either.
easy simple effective about 1 year ago by sar....uk http://www.lyilyo.co.uk
We are very happy with this app - easy to set up and use
Great app about 1 year ago by giu...com http://www.guruprices.com
Fast and easy to install
Easy set up about 1 year ago by Tim...com http://timsboots.com
This is extremely easy to set up and a breeze to customize your reward amounts. I love it so far! Thanks!
Great Loyalty Program about 1 year ago by inf...com http://www.astrovapes.com
Sweet Tooth Rewards is an easy to set up Rewards program. I love the ease of use of setting this up initially and our customers seem to love them too. We have many repeat customers since enabling Sweet Tooth Rewards!
Love it!!! about 1 year ago by loc...com http://locketique.com/
Great app... love it! . Its so easy to install and understand.
Great App about 1 year ago by emi...com http://vintagesweetheart.co.uk
Great little App and the fact you can have 500 customers using it for free is awesome.
Loyalty Program about 1 year ago by chr...com http://www.PeacefulByNatureFarm.com
Just installed it but so far so good.
So far...really good! about 1 year ago by inf...com http://www.vxcvapor.com
Just set this up to try a program out, using the free to see how it works and see how many customers use the rewards program. Customers started using it right away and earning points. Hope this is a start to a good relationship!
Shows Promise... about 1 year ago by jru...com http://darkcastlecollectibles.com
I think this app has promise, but in order to take advantage of the features that really help to retain customer loyalty, you need to upgrade. I am all for customer loyalty rewards, and this does that part just fine.
AWESOME Website App about 1 year ago by mrb...com http://www.luckybargains.us
I love the app for my store and so does my customers it gives them more of an incentive to refer their friends and family
Difficult to judge about 1 year ago by adm...com http://www.adaptivetechsoluitons.com
Because of essentially no reporting features on the basic plan, it is difficult to judge ROI. Doesn't appear that customers are using it to promote our store , but on occasion a few spend their points (not many). Since reporting features are pretty much nonexistent, the only way we can judge use is based off of the coupons that are used when purchases are made. If there was a way we could see statistics, then we might be able to justify going for the paid version. Also, it does not allow the customer to opt in. Everyone is enrolled whether they want to be or not. And even customers that don't have valid email addresses count as a user. Would also be nice if it would send reminders to customers to share using their referral link, etc. Product is easy to set up and use and customer service response has been timely.
Pretty cool! about 1 year ago by yet...com http://www.yetitac.com
This is a pretty sweet app! We were looking to implement a rewards program and this looks like a perfect fit.
Simple Setup about 1 year ago by ste...com https://rullocustomcycles.com
Very easy to install and setup, covers all of the loyalty angles that we were looking to address.
Simple Setup, Easy to Use about 1 year ago by nic...com http://www.heartfullhandsjewelry.com
Very Easy to install and implement
great about 1 year ago by tan...com http://www.myindiepolish.com
I love this app and so do my customers
great app about 1 year ago by bil...com http://budgetvapors.com
easy to install
Great app! about 1 year ago by bil...com http://billieandscoot.com
Easy to setup and deploy about 1 year ago by sal...com http://www.yesyestoys.com
This was very easy to setup and get running, there are a good amount of reward methods to choose from and the design is nicely presented. Really no complaints with the function and customer services when I had a question was quick to respond to my email. The only drawback is we want to offer rewards for reviews (can't do it on Bigcommerce, possibly with a YotPo integration.). Considering that reviews play such a major part in online sales, incentivizing this should be a priority for any reward system. I deducted a star for this. This app now also works with Stencil themes.
good about 1 year ago by Nordic Exposure http://www.nordicexposure.com.sg
good easy to use app, however rewards tap does not show on mobile version of the website
Loyalty program about 1 year ago by sod...com http://www.sodapopsquishies.com
just downloaded the app! am hoping it really helps to build up our customers and give them awesome bonuses!
Awesome App! about 1 year ago by oak...com http://www.OakMissionFurniture.com
I was looking for ways to improve site performance and found this gem. The app is easy to set up and customize, although most of the default settings are the way to go. I can't wait to start seeing results.
Easy to set up about 1 year ago by ste...com http://www.gottosports.com
Great app. Really easy to set up, it does all the work for you and as long as you know how to advertise it well it does a great job :)
Very Easy To Set Up about 1 year ago by jac...com http://www.womenstshirtplus.com
Took about 5 minutes to set up. My hardest decision was what tab color I wanted. Anyways, looking forward to see more results.
Simple to set up and it works about 1 year ago by sup...com https://smokinscooters.com
We recently launched Sweet Tooth Loyalty rewards and customers are racking up rewards points already. The app is simple to set up and integrates easily with BigCommerce. The user interface is very intuitive and only takes a few minutes to set up.
Love it! about 1 year ago by sar...com http://essentiallyhealth.com.au/
This is really user friendly, easy to implement and the free plan is more than adequate. Thank you for offering a free plan version!
Sweet tooth app! about 1 year ago by que...com http://queenbhome.com
I just barely installed this app and i'm getting rave reviews from my customers! Thank you so much! I'm excited to launch this for my viewers!
very easy to set up about 1 year ago by ali...com http://www.aliencloudvapes.com
this was easy to set have to wait to see if it give me more customers though as I am a new website
Review about 1 year ago by cra...com https://www.gotknot.com
We are so looking forward to giving our customers another way to spread the news about Got Knot.com and earn points toward our products at the same time with their loyalty.
Really Enjoying the product. So do our Customers... about 1 year ago by con...com http://horseopeace.com
So far our customers have really enjoyed the software. We so far have about 300 participating members and as we grow I am sure that will too and we will probably go for the full paid app at that point. All in all satisfied with the offerings supplied by this company.
Set-up Complete about 1 year ago by cgo....ca https://www.distinctivesewing.com
The set-up is complete. There are lots of online resources and for a free program, it is looking good so far. Program is not yet active.
Unhelpful reporting about 1 year ago by inf...com http://www.eczemacompany.com/
For the high fees they charge, they should have some good reporting to stand behind the features they offer. But sadly there is no data we can use to determine if this program is worthwhile at all. We've been running it for two months now and we have zero idea if the referral part is leading to sales and if the loyalty program is truly bringing in more repeat purchases. We have the basic plan and were thinking to upgrade for $100 more per month to the Small Biz Plan, but the reports still aren't good enough even at that level. So, we're going to be removing this app from our site since there is no way to determine ROI.
Sweet Tooth Easy! about 1 year ago by Jim McLaughlin http://www.cornerstone-farm.com/
Amazing how easy to set up! Now we'll sit back and watch the customers use it!
I have a sweet tooth!! about 1 year ago by Nikki Nunnari https://www.thenorthpoleshoppe.com.au
Straightforward setup with few complications. On behalf of the Reward Team here at NPS and our extremely happy NPS enrolled Members who are devouring this program; our sincere thanks!
Great App about 1 year ago by Geo...com http://inandoutdoordeals.com/
Works great! Haven't had any issues, and customers are using it!! It's great!
A great way to reward valued customers! about 1 year ago by ry....com
Easy to setup and easy to reward customers!
Easy to Setup about 1 year ago by Vishnu Ramdas http://bedtimetoys.ca
Really simple to install. Let's see how it works to get returning customers.
Well designed app about 1 year ago by and....au https://www.fixings.net.au
Easy to setup, clever features - worth checking out.
Review about 1 year ago by Hobby World http://www.thehobbyworld.co.uk
Seems very easy to use and setup, had it all done in around 20 minutes to where i wanted it. Lets just hope my customers enjoy it and it becomes worthwhile to upgrade the account!
Quick to setup about 1 year ago by ato...com http://www.atomicknitting.co.uk
Does what it says on the tin! Easy to setup and looks great on the website.
Great App about 1 year ago by las...com http://www.lashwarehouse.com
Easy to use, exactly what our company needed!
Love about 1 year ago by jod...com http://shopzingara.com
Loving this! Very easy to use
Jewelry Marketplace with Free Shipping about 1 year ago by ice...com http://www.icedjewels.com
Sweet Tooth Makes it Possible for Our Customers to Get Each other Amazing Jewelry with this wonderful rewards program
great about 1 year ago by sod...com http://koreannextdoor.com
Exactly what I was looking for =)
Great Loyalty App about 1 year ago by emi...com http://emisuesboutique.com
I can't wait to increase my customers with this great app.
Great loyalty program about 1 year ago by jga...com
Great loyalty program to use. It would be great if they could lower their small business pricing.
GREAT APP about 1 year ago by ali...com
Easy to use and effective
Ease of use about 1 year ago by jav...com http://www.javaandco.com
Sweet Tooth is a cinch to integrate with Big Commerce. This loyalty app has been received well by our customers.
A great addition to boost sales! about 1 year ago by Keith Watson http://www.hypnosisfordownload.com/
Really simple to use and interacts with your customers perfectly to increase sales
Easy to use, install and benefit about 1 year ago by cli...com http://findmethatwine.com
I love Sweet Tooth. I have followed them since they first started on BigC and have been impressed with there dedication to continually improving their programme and how they can benefit your business. Most others just claim all the cool things you wish you could are "in development" but never actually launch them. Sweet Tooth does.
it do will boot your business about 1 year ago by roy...com http://www.ikarasu.com/
it do will boot your business ,I like it .
Great app and great way to reward customers about 1 year ago by mar....uk http://www.myteatime.co.uk
Awesome app! about 1 year ago by man...com https://www.alphaintercom.com
Easy to use for upcoming websites!
Easy to use about 1 year ago by rus...com http://www.rusticlub.com
Very easy to use BC app. With so many different options. Helps create customer following nicely.
Works well about 1 year ago by smo...com
seems expensive for plans but hard to argue with its easy to use integration.
Brilliant App! about 1 year ago by mad...com http://framehere.com
Excellent app so far so good.
Cool app about 1 year ago by own...com https://www.tattoogolf.com/
So far, so good. The app was easy to install & easy to customize the points & payout amounts.
review about 1 year ago by ive...com http://www.smittenbythemittenstate.com
this app is great
Love this app about 1 year ago by the...com https://www.thespinsterz.com/
We've been using this app for about 4 months and we just decided to upgrade to the business plan. We've seen great ROI on this investment.
SweetTooth about 1 year ago by mat...com http://rocklandcomponents.com
So Far so Good !
Great thing to install about 1 year ago by has...com http://www.hashtagme.net
it was easy to install
Super Easy to install about 1 year ago by inf...com http://wickedstones.com/
Great little app and I have to say, it was super easy to install. The videos were really helpful and I was able to set things up in no time.
Points Make Rewards! about 1 year ago by sal...com https://sgsmodelstore.com
Great little app and so easy to set up following the videos provided.
Love Sweet Tooth! about 1 year ago by inf...com https://www.zuiiorganic.us
Sweet Tooth is so easy to use and set up and our customers LOVE IT!! It's already helped to increase traffic and conversion rates!
Great app... about 1 year ago by jor...com https://www.genuinefragrance.com
What an amazing app... Very easy to set up. And it is FREE... how awesome is that? ~ Genuine Fragrance
Easy and fun! about 1 year ago by med...com http://www.espressotec.com
Just downloaded the app. Been fun and easy to keep track of points. easy to navigate and keep track of customers
Very Easy to set up and Neat about 1 year ago by gwi...com http://phineapple.com
We are very excited about the loyalty service from Sweet Tooth, very easy to set up, navigate, customize and it looks pretty neat and organized. Thumbs up!
Loyalty Program about 1 year ago by mai...com
It was really simple to set it up, has some items that I can upgrade to later on if I feel like I need to and the program is successful, so that is very nice. Here's to hoping this works well!
Loyalty Program about 1 year ago by Kel...net
It was easy to set up, lets see how its goes from here....
Good So Far about 1 year ago by ton...com http://wholey.com
So far so good. It's really easy to install and use. The free option offers enough to be satisfied with the app. One concern I have is on the rewarding for birthdays. It appears the customer can literally go in and change their birthday as much as they want. I'm not sure if that will affect the discounts going to them or not.
Awesome! about 1 year ago by dag...com
Nice tool but the free plan is really limited about 1 year ago by con...com http://www.wellbots.com
It's really intuitive, it works and the design is ok but we believe at Wellbots: - the email to reward customers cannot be part of the check out confirmation email, it's a different one - the tab is a bit too big, we don't really know where to put it.
Sweet Loyalty Program about 1 year ago by Sheena Francis https://www.weddingfaire.com.au
Love rewarding my customers and this app is awesome for helping us manage that.
Seams Good from the Reviews about 1 year ago by CTP...COM http://www.ctpowertrain.com
Reading the good reviews and Just installed the application
Easy to Install about 1 year ago by REW...COM http://thebluebonnetboutique.com
Just installed the app! Hoping it works well for us!
Simple and Effective about 1 year ago by Leslie Bowman http://www.kfservices.com/
Simple to use and very effective for your clients to gain trust with your web store. I noticed that when items are out of stock and waiting for back orders, it's a nice touch to give a few points to quell any problems.
Great app about 1 year ago by Miguel Espinoza https://www.smallenginesprodealer.com/
We recommend this app. It's easy to install and use...
Nice program about 1 year ago by mar...com http://sportsluggage.com
It works great with the sports fans that log into my store and get sports luggage. Great way to incentive the customers to adquire the entire collection. www.sportsluggage.com
matchy dressage website about 1 year ago by mat...com http://www.matchydressage.com
fantastic easy to use programme which definitely helps encourage loyalty in customers and gives them a great experience of shopping with us.
good about 1 year ago by miy...com http://www.ifairycon.com
LOVE THIS APP about 1 year ago by lux...com http://www.luxesavvi.com
I'm so impressed at all this app has to offer and the fact that it is free, makes it even better! Recommend using this app!
Very Easy To Use about 1 year ago by oxo...com http://www.esoteric-books.com
I'm impressed with how easy it is to use this app. Simple and straightforward.
Perfect loyalty program for my customers! about 1 year ago by inf...com http://platinumbody.com/
Been looking for a simple but powerful app to use to credit my customers with loyalty points, and Sweet Tooth has been perfect! We were up and running in minutes and everything just worked perfectly out of the box. User experience for both our company and for our customers has been second to none. Very happy with it.
This is one amazing app about 1 year ago by jhs....au
The only problem was caused by BigCommerce videos referring to an old admin format. It said go 'there' but 'there' had moved...lol TIP: If you are using Chrome and the Sweettooth WebDAV password can't be copied just 'inspect element' and paste it to wordpad to copy the password.
Great app. Easy to install and review. about 1 year ago by tpr...com http://www.paddockroom.com
The step-by-step tutorials made it easy and enabled me to do things I had been trying to do without instruction from other services. Thank you Sweet Tooth.
Great app about 1 year ago by car...com http://www.timberline.store
Great app and easy to use
Easy to use! about 1 year ago by ant...com
Cant see the app pop up on my web about 1 year ago by han...com http://lamodedecor.com/
It is an interesting app, but it doesn't work well. Not sure why...
So far so good about 1 year ago by inf....ca http://www.premiumteas.ca
What you receive for not paying anything is great. The platoform is user friendly and easy to manage. I would recommend. I would also recommend to allow the option of giving points for reviews for the free version as well.
Pretty Awesome about 1 year ago by the...com http://suravatluxe.com
Awesome app to reward your customers for the purchases they make!
The Best Rewards Program about 1 year ago by Marcia Cross http://www.luxurytresshair.com
I absolutely love this app. I was about to install s loyalty when I found sweet tooth and found that it has way more to offer. Super easy to install and simply fabulous!
Very Easy To Set Up about 1 year ago by Regan Mitchell http://his-child.com
So far it was very easy to set up. Videos were helpful. I haven't used it long enough to see results, but will update my rating when I do. However, I like the reward setting when I shop, so I hope others will use the one on my site.
Great App and Program about 1 year ago by cus...com http://www.fabrictextileproductsshop.com
This is a great that keeps customers coming back. Easy to use and understand.
Looking Good! about 1 year ago by inf....au https://www.punkmybabe.com.au
So far, it's been easy to install and configure. I'm looking forward to rewarding my customers! www.punkmybabe.com.au
Awesome! about 1 year ago by sal....in http://mushi.in
A must have for emerging e commerce websites
Good so far about 1 year ago by sho...com http://www.shopwanderwell.com
I recently installed the Sweet Tooth app and am liking it so far! I'm still using the free plan and wish it was a little more customizable, but it works. I think the app can definitely help grow my business!
So far so good about 1 year ago by inf...com http://www.luvejuice.com
App installed, so far so good.
Happy with So far about 1 year ago by w3c...com https://w3cowgirltradingco.com
So far I love the App it is going to allow me to do what I have always wanted to do for my customers.
Missing info. about 1 year ago by bag...com
I give it 2 stars because it shows the old BC set up on how to add the link to the store settings..
Great App! about 1 year ago by gif...com http://www.giftscollectiblesandmore.com
Great App.
Love It! about 1 year ago by ord...com https://www.cakery26.com
amazing... so glad it was offered
Sweet Tooth about 1 year ago by sco...com http://www.homefashionsense.com
Great app
Still waiting to see where this goes! about 1 year ago by Stochastic Elegance http://www.StochasticElegance.com
I installed this program and so far so good seems interesting enough and have inspired me to start a campaign around it. Still in the planning process so it will require a little more time with them to see how it will effect sales. Got a good feeling and I am looking anxious to see how it will benefit my store later on.
Good concept about 1 year ago by unr...com http://www.unrealkeys.com
I like the concept, still new to the app though.
Sweet Tooth is sweet! about 1 year ago by lor...com http://www.latherandlace.com
I am excited to see how many customers have signed up for Sweet Tooth on my site! I was injured and not doing business but customers jumped right on the bandwagon and signed up so now that I am actually filling orders again, they will be able to take advantage of their Sweet Tooth reward program :) I am really very optimistic just to see the interest!
Happy with it about 1 year ago by sal...com
I installed this program and so far so good.
Great App - Low maintenance about 1 year ago by joc...com http://shop.jocojuice.com
It's a set it and forget app that keeps customers coming back to the site. No issues!
So far so good about 1 year ago by sho...com http://cococallies.com
Very easy to set up and seems like it works smoothly. I am very happy so far!
Sweet Tooth about 1 year ago by ska...com http://boilerandpumpsupply.com/
We love this app. Customer retention is crucial for us
Great App!! about 1 year ago by the...com http://www.thecheeseshopmorpeth.co.uk/
Brilliant little app, has really helped drive sales and customers seem to love the idea, decent interface but would like to be able to rank customers by points etc
good for me so far about 1 year ago by rsv...com
looks like this is what i have been looking for and easy to use
Easy to install about 1 year ago by raw...com http://rawearthstore.com
App was so easy to install and edit. It took me less than 10mins to have it live! Now I'm waiting for all of my new clients and sales to come flying in :)
Great App! about 1 year ago by Vic...com http://itsagirlthingtween.com/
Great app! My customers love it!
Happy with the program about 1 year ago by Big Rock Goat Farm http://www.bigrockgoatfarm.com
We've been using the app for 2 months now and are slowly gaining traction with it. We've had a couple customers already redeem points. I wish it would integrate with Square but otherwise love it.
Great App about 1 year ago by xjd...com
Not super easy to install, but well worth the extra couple minutes. Works exactly as advertised :)
Customers Love it about 1 year ago by sal...com https://www.deftmotion.com
All of my customers use this and love it. Price is a bit high, but worth it.
Ecommerce owner about 1 year ago by jts....uk http://www.cctvsuppliersuk.co.uk
Great add on to our ever expanding online store. Hopefully keeps driving repeat sales and new customers.
Awesome App! about 1 year ago by Timothy Benman http://yeswefixgadgets.com/
I installed the app very easily and it works great. People are using our loyalty program all the time. Also, they have a really nice support team for any issues.
Great reward programme about 1 year ago by David Castle http://supereciguk.co.uk
This programme works great and is exactly what i have been looking for. My customers love it so i love.
great app about 1 year ago by nng...com http://www.decalontop.com/
still trying it. well see how it goes.
Easy to set up about 1 year ago by tre...com http://treeluxurycandles.com
It was easy to set up. So far we are pleased with the app for our website.
So far so good about 1 year ago by cor...com http://www.corvetteillumination.com
I installed this app went very smooth.. try it out its free cant loose here
Great App about 1 year ago by aar...com http://www.texasteajuice.com
I really like the app and my customers enjoy the points they earn to shop. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to implement a rewards system on their website. It's a must have.
Great idea, just wish it was more dynamic about 1 year ago by arg...com http://www.argan-republic.com
I like this app but i wish the rewards button linked to an actual web page instead of just a pop-up. I'm not able to share a link with customers who are looking for information about the program.
Seems good so far about 1 year ago by cko...com http://www.bijoubasinranch.com
Installed with no issues, easy to set up and turn on. Only for a few days but everything appears to be working as expected. Now lets see if the concept encourages customers!
Great Product about 1 year ago by cus...com http://www.4peachblossom.com/
Very easy to use and integrate into your e-commerce store. Easy, easy, easy, easy!!!!
Working Great about 1 year ago by cre...com http://www.flyingbulldogs.com
I've had this installed for about 2 months and it has been working wonderfully. My customers really like it and it is boosting sales. I highly recommend!
Easy and convenient about 1 year ago by November Sage http://www.novembersage.com
Love it
Great Rewards Program about 1 year ago by lar...com https://www.showdogstore.com/
Sweet Tooth is easy to install, easy for customers to get involved, and easy to maintain! They also have great customer service. Works like a charm with BigCommerce. We already have customers signing up! Looking forward to having better retention rates!
Basic But Sufficient about 1 year ago by rpw...com http://www.GoKartMasters.com
This simple to use points rewards app is great for attracting repeat customers. Very easy to setup and maintain.
Great App! about 1 year ago by Pepper Tree Spice http://peppertreespice.com
Really excited to offer our clients this app. Wish it was a bit more customization and doesn't seem to pull in my customer purchase data. I can edit so ok for now but hoping for a quick fix.
Great App about 1 year ago by Georges Botanique Aromatiques https://www.georgesbotanique.org
I'm new to the Sweet Tooth app so just getting my feet wet. I like the idea and hope that it will be an advantage for my customers in the future.
Satisfaction about 1 year ago by g2s...com
Really Great App!
Easy and simple about 1 year ago by cs@...com http://www.htfbeauty.com/
Very easy and simple to use however this also makes it very limited in design implementation
Love it about 1 year ago by gre...com http://www.surf-store.com/
it's a Must!
Awesome Way to Keep Customers Coming Back about 1 year ago by Haute Girl Beads http://www.hautegirlbeads.com
We love this app, it allows our customers to want to shop knowing that we provide a loyalty program. They are constantly letting us know just how close they are to each and every bonus, and look forward to using it. Thanks again! Haute Girl Beads The best place on earth for Gemstones, Beads & Findings!
Excellent App about 1 year ago by sup...com http://nutreevit.com
Excellent app to get your customers coming back and very easy to use.
Review about 1 year ago by bri...com http://lucysvaporpens.com
Is easy to set up and working smoothly so far!
Great App, needs better pricing structure about 1 year ago by chr....au http://www.seasucker.com.au/
I installed this app a month ago. It was easy to get up and running and found it easy to customize. I particularly like the functionality in terms of tailoring points awarded for a broad range of activities. However I go agree with other reviews, while their trial period is very well structured I feel a starting price of $59 is steep for a loyalty program especially for new businesses. Hopefully something will be done about this as it will ensure I move onto a paid subscription in the future. Whilst none of my customers have yet to redeem points looking through Google Analytics it is having a positive impact on customers returning to my store after making a purchase to find out more about our loyalty program. So far, so good
Sweet Tooth Rocks about 1 year ago by hue...com http://www.walkerwalsh.com
Sweet Tooth is our "go to" rewards program.
Loyaly Scheme about 1 year ago by kir....uk http://www.babyandplay.co.uk/
Just installed, so easy to use and so far so good :)
If you dont get what your doing can be frustrating about 1 year ago by adm...com http://cloudztogo.com
If you dont get what your doing can be frustrating
Great Software about 1 year ago by jos...com https://techmikeny.com/
My company has been using this app since we started on ecommerce. It has been great and worked without a snag and very little setup.
Happy with it so far! about 1 year ago by gab...com https://www.simpledesigngm.com
I love this app and so do my customers. I can see some things I wish to be different. But so far im happy!
Pretty sweet! about 1 year ago by dav...com http://www.hdfirearms.com
Love it so far.I would give this app a thumbs up! We have been able to engage both old and new customers in a very responsive way.
Excellent application for any business! about 1 year ago by sha...com https://www.centralvapors.com
Really impressed with the easy install fast set up and excellent support!! Great service. Tried a few other loyalty programs, this app is far a more powerful tool for increasing customer conversions!
Wonderful App about 1 year ago by dom...com http://mmoxie.com
I'v very pleased with it's performance so far and look forward to growing into the paid membership.
So far so good about 1 year ago by jar...com http://www.ridgid300parts.com/
Happy with results so far.
Easy to use about 1 year ago by den...com https://www.ForeverLux.com
Easy to use, helpful and useful app.
Good app about 1 year ago by sce...com https://www.fragranceon.com
Good app , Good features but price not friendly.
Nice App about 1 year ago by waz...com
I like this App, its simple and the trial period was very fair in terms of being active even we went over the 500 customer limit. I think the pricing though is a little expensive to go from $0 to $59 based on the usage of the points etc it seems like a price point of $29 is more palatable. Overall a good app and would recommend to anyone using Big Commerce, it installed very easily and was live with just a few clicks.
Great app about 1 year ago by rei...com http://reidsboutique.com
Love this app and good customer service
simple, easy, and my customers love it about 1 year ago by pai...com http://www.BreezyQuarters.com
Sweet Tooth was easy to setup on my website and my customers love being able to track and redeem their rewards! No extra work for me!
Looks to be neat about 1 year ago by mic...com http://www.theotherathlete.com
Looks to be neat!
Great Product! about 1 year ago by jas...com https://www.proreferee.com/
Customers have been asking for rewards for a while. Researched a few options and Sweet Tooth was the best by far. Excited to launch this week and so far the setup has been smooth!
Sofar so good about 1 year ago by sal...com http://www.SaltCritters.com
Sofar its working well. Wish it was more customizable.
Very easy to setup & get started in minutes about 1 year ago by bet...com http://maggiesorganics.com/
Great so far about 1 year ago by liv...com
Been easy to setup but we'll see how this app pans out.
Awesome Concept! about 1 year ago by and...com http://www.manleyfishing.com
Just getting started, and really like the idea of gathering loyalty from the get-go! We're selling rod components and will rely on return and referral customers. Manleyfishing.com could very well be successful because of this tool!
Awesome about 1 year ago by sna...com http://snaffleithorsesupplies.com/
Very easy ti install, when I have needed Sweet Tooth support it's always been quick & very helpful. Have found customers return to my store to redeem 'points' - Great App !
Newbie but good so far about 1 year ago by adm...com http://www.montclairridingco.com
I did some research against S Loyalty and I decided to go with Sweet Tooth. As a startup and small company I do have the funds to start off with a monthly package. This is a great way to see if the program works for me. I am very happy to hear of there features and support too. Let's see if they can live up to it.
fishing about 1 year ago by ttv...com http://vlure-tackle10.mybigcommerce.com/?ctk=096SHA7H787202T1YZYSSLDX9VZ16R
awesome app!!
Great, simply loyalty program about 1 year ago by aba...com https://www.megahobby.com
Very simple to use and set up, and very simple for our customers to use. Very happy with the app so far.
Simple and Free about 1 year ago by dev...com http://primateglass.com/
Love the app. It's so simple to set up and use and nothing's better than free!
Perfect App! about 1 year ago by jjs...com http://www.beerforbeards.com
This App is the best way to keep customers coming back!
review about 1 year ago by hau...com http://hautekouturebeauty.com/
great app!
Great App about 1 year ago by sup....uk http://www.proteinbunny.co.uk
Great app, easy to use. Free for the first 500 customers, gives small businesses the chance to get stuck in
So far so good! about 1 year ago by chu...com http://www.mygiftbarn.co.uk
Have only just installed the app but so far, so good. Very simple to set up following the instructions given.
Looking good about 1 year ago by web...com http://mynameismalta.com
I installed the app and everything is going great. Good job guys!
Sweet Tooth Review about 1 year ago by jun...com http://junebugsoapco.com
Sweet Tooth is a great tool! Our customers love our new loyalty program!
Great Features about 1 year ago by My Vape Cave http://www.myvapecave.com
Just installed the app and it has some awesome features ! I am sure this app will really help boost sales and return business for my site
Just downloaded about 1 year ago by Kirstin Kelly http://parkwayjars.com
Excited to try it. Not sure if it will work but I am excited to find out.
Perfect about 1 year ago by sla...com http://www.slatherbutters.org/?ctk=02275N6Y8471T9RUM8ULYL57Y
We had been looking at several loyalty programs and decided to go with this one. So happy that we did. Exceeding our expectations so far. We have been using this app for the past 2 months and its been great!
Awesome! Great Idea with the free trial! about 1 year ago by jim...com https://www.drone-charge-up.com
I'm looking forward to this! I really like the incentive the program provides to reap its benefits immediately!
Great App about 1 year ago by bet...com http://www.hausoffashion.net
Sweet Tooth app was real simple to setup on my site and for my customers to use. I will follow up with the improvements.
awesome about 1 year ago by emm...com http://reefroyalty.co.uk
Great app
Easy to configure about 1 year ago by sto...com http://www.trailteka.com
We just installed Sweet Tooth on our store and configured it. It was extremely easy to install and configure. We are looking forward to increasing our return customers!
LOVE REWARDING MY CUSTOMERS & THEY LOVE BEING REWARDED about 1 year ago by soi...com http://soillbotanicals.com
I have been searching high and low for a quality rewards program that would link right up with my shop and then I found Sweet Tooth! I'm so excited to finally have found what I was looking for. No more having to manually try to keep up with who shops often and who refers and shares the experience with me. I LOVE having the feature built right in so I don't miss an opportunity to reward those who choose to shop with me! Thanks Sweet Tooth (Smile.io) for helping me keep happy customers who KNOW just how much they mean to me! As was just said to me by one customer- "loyalty pays" :)
Easy to use and it works! about 1 year ago by cus....us http://www.petsnaturally.us
Sweet Tooth is a great app for online store owners. It's easy to use and it works. I'm sold!
Excited about 1 year ago by tye...com http://universalkidsllc.com
I installed sweet tooth for my children clothing store. I'm excited to see how it will boost my sales and help me retain my customers. As a shopper I love rewards that turn into store credit. I'm hoping my customers feel the same way! Thank you!
Great APP about 1 year ago by e_f....uk
This app is great and we are happy with it so far, very easy to set up and use
Fab about 1 year ago by equ...com http://www.equiture.biz
Easy to use with great direction. Think it will help so much with sales!
So far it's been fantastic about 1 year ago by North 49 E-Cigs Administrator

We've been looking of r a rewards program for awhile now and found this one in our own backyard. 

Great So Far about 1 year ago by arc...com https://www.arcanefashions.com.au

Haven't been using this app for long, but I love the concept & I love the fact you get to try it free before upgrading to get it's extra features.

WE LOOOOVE THIS APP about 1 year ago by BodyFetchBoutique http://www.bodyfetchboutique.com/

I love this app and so do my customers... Must have. Love the custom features available and it really does attract customers

Great!!!! about 1 year ago by les...com https://www.lesavantcouture.com

I just tried this app and so far so good!!!! Im hoping this will increase my business and get my customers more active. The idea is great and its so easy to use & manage.

Great Customer Service! about 1 year ago by edi...com

Excellent customer serivce and support surrounding this application. The application is easy to use, and backed by Sweet Tooth team members who give great insight and support! 

Very happy so far about 1 year ago by bil...com http://thedartzone.com/

Just installed today.  Very easy install and set up.

Hi about 1 year ago by abd...com

Great stuff

Good product about 1 year ago by Killer Skate Park & Shop LLC http://stores.killerskatepark.com

Just installed Sweettooth on my big commerce store. Hoping that it will help with return customers. Can't wait to see the results. Very easy to install and learn to use! Recommended.

Excellent App! Increase Sales! about 1 year ago by val...com http://www.valhallasoap.com

I love this App!! My customers love this App!! It has increased our sales significantly. And it makes our customers feel like they are valued. Which they are. It gives us an easy, hassle free way to show them that we appreciate them. And I like that even with the free version I can tailor it to reflect our branding. We've encountered VERY few issues but when we have, the instant chat customer support feature has been awesome. They have always been polite, knowledgeable and prompt with resolutions. Five stars hands down from me!!

So Simple! about 1 year ago by Bradley Rosen https://www.SportsWorldChicago.com

Could be the simplest integration ever!  Adds a ton of value to my e-commerce initatives!

Love Sweet Tooth about 1 year ago by Nicholas St. Peter http://www.sp-retail.com

I have used Sweet Tooth before in the past when experimenting with doing my store. I knew that once I was ready to fully launch this was going to be a must have for my store. It seems that the app has only gotten better since I used it last. Highly recommend for anyone looking to create a good loyalty program. 

Happy Happy Happy about 1 year ago by cgipson http://www.sons-o-liberty.com

Installed app very easy to do. I was able to adjust existing customer points again easy to do.

It does the job! about 1 year ago by inf...com http://www.jayceeocean.com

Love this app! Straightforward and easy to follow the videos that allow you to set the app. Highly recommended!  

Great app! about 1 year ago by lau...com
So far so good! about 1 year ago by tom...com https://www.baddogcomputers.com/


Love it so far! about 1 year ago by not...com

Easily installed. Great rewards program and so far no hiccups. Could not be happier.

Love the customer service! about 1 year ago by lin...com https://www.mulberrystreetdiapers.com

I've been nothing but impressed by the customer service as I've replaced an old reward system with this one. They've gone out of their way to help and provided even more free features than before in just the short amount of time we've been using it. Would love if it would eventually sync with Square for instore purchases!

So far, so good about 1 year ago by pas...com http://www.worpaint.com

So far, I really like how this app works. It's accurate and easy to set up. I hope it brings in repeat business!

very useful about 1 year ago by bam...com http://www.anbstore.co.uk/

a very good addition to any website

Works Fantastic, Great Loyalty Program Solution about 1 year ago by Mike Wagstaff http://www.lordofgear.com.au
Happy! about 1 year ago by leo...com

Everything thing looks good so far. I got my first new member and it was cool to see the auto-update on loyalty points. I am still having issues showing tab on the site, but it will come.

This is very useful over 2 years ago by web...com http://www.qualistore.mybigcommerce.com

This is very useful, thanks

Based on install over 2 years ago by ste...com

The walk-through for setting this app up is so easy! Looking forward to seeing how my customers respond over the next 30 days.  Would refer just based on how easy it is to integrate! 

Great App over 2 years ago by Gar...com
Great App.. over 2 years ago by cra...com https://www.indiandesigns.com

This is great app for the stores, to engage customers and because of the reward point system, it motivate the customers to bring more customers to the store.  Like the functionality.  Thanks a million to sweet tooth!

Helpful and easy to use app, great support over 2 years ago by Stephanie Waters http://www.ballettonet.co

I've been using the Sweet tooth app for nearly a year and I am very happy with how it helps me run a great rewards program. I find that the app has been affective, and the customer service is quick and helpful. They go that extra step to help you resolve the issue quickly. And the set up process is easy to follow through. I now pay a subscription because I've exceeded the customer limit for the free plan (which is a good thing because I know customers want to be part of a loyalty program!), but it is very much of value to my business so I'm happy to do so. Thanks for the helpful tool Mike and keep up the great work!

Fantastic over 2 years ago by cor...com http://newchristianstore.com

This is a great app! The features are very robust on the free plan that will really help your business grow. Once you reach enough customers that are required for the paid plans, it is totally justified. Additionally, support is great and very responsive.

We Love It! over 2 years ago by ama...com http://anchorsaweighdesigns.com/

We love offering a rewards program on our website, and so do our customers!

Liking the app so far over 2 years ago by Stormy Oklesh http://socheekyshop.com

It was easy to set up and incorporate into my store and my customers love the rewards they earn when making purchases.

Sweet Tooth is Awesome over 2 years ago by the...com http://thejewelryjunkie.com/

Sweet Tooth is the best loyalty program out there! We have had no problems with the app and everything works so perfectly! Thank you Sweet Tooth for such an awesome program!

Easy to Use over 2 years ago by adm...com

Easy install process took just a few minutes to set up.  Once the program was up and running we had our first few customers sign up.  The incentives have definitely brought them back shopping again much more quickly then we normally se.  The program is clean and simple and very easy to use.  Thanks Sweet Tooth!

So far so good over 2 years ago by ale....ca http://www.everythingcarcare.com

So far this app is working great. The install and setup was easy and it allows simple but affective adjustments that make all the difference. Thanks!

All wine not whine.... over 2 years ago by jas....us http://www.vinovations.us

We've tried several different reward programs. Spent the most time with Sweet Tooth. Looking to integrate with our POS next. No complaints or issues after a week's use.

Easy to use over 2 years ago by kin...com
Really Easy to Use over 2 years ago by rkw...com http://www.vpreggae.com

Really easy to use and fun to be able to give back to my loyal customers.

Excellent! over 2 years ago by mrs...com http://www.mrspspotions.com

I installed this app for my website easily and quickly and things worked right away.  I love this concept and being able to offer my customers loyalty rewards and more reason to continue shopping with me.  Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to improve my customer service in this regard :)

Works as Intended and does it well over 2 years ago by C_D...com http://usapyrosupply.com

I was a bit leery on setting up a loyalty program with my type of store. But, the customers love it, I love it, and it will def increase my conversions. Little hint, allow your customers to win small rewards more often rather than large rewards less.. You will see sales jump right away. 

Love this App! over 2 years ago by pet...com http://bigbearpet.com

Super easy to install and set up!  Already have customers earning rewards - will upgrade soon to the social sharing level to help fast track sales.  Thank you!!!

Simple but effective loyalty app over 2 years ago by noa...com http://themillfudgefactory.com/

We've used Sweet Tooth for almost a year now and have found it to be very effective. Our customers actively use it to earn points, redeem them for coupon codes (that are auto-generated through BC) and use them on new orders. Hard to measure exactly, but I have not doubt that our sales have increased because of this app. We like the auto-emails Sweet Tooth sends to customers surrounding each transaction. 

50 Customers in 2 days! over 2 years ago by dav...com http://www.desertvapes.com

Within 2 days of installing Sweet Tooth, we have over 50 customers signed up for the rewards program! The app was a snap to install on the Big Commerce platform. Just followed the step-by-step video instructions during the setup process. The whole install tool less then 15 minutes.

So far so good! over 2 years ago by cs....com http://shopdarlinggirl.com/

Installation was a breeze which is saying a lot because I am not that tech savvy. I love the ease of use and my customers are thrilled that I am offering a loyalty program.

It's great over 2 years ago by mar....ca http://www.aonebeauty.com

It works great. Thank you

Great App, Great Customer Service Team! over 2 years ago by inf...com

So far my customers are loving getting discount rewards! I do see the impact it is having on sales in just a few short months.Easy to set up, easy for the customer to use, and best of all the customer service team is amazing. Questions are answered quickly and they are easy to contact without even having to open email- just message them through the app.

Highly recommend implementing this app for your store!

Our customers love redeeming points over 2 years ago by Bill Schermerhorn http://beachBUB.com

This is a great app. I have been in sales and owned sales companies for more than 35 years. It is not easy turning prospects into customers but when you do it's important to turn customers into repeat customers. Sweet Tooth has provided us a valuable tool to help with this.  The reward program makes it easy for customers to come back and redeem their points for discounts. I highly recommend this APP to help with repeat customer sales. 

Impressed over 3 years ago by cal...com http://www.littlefreckle.co.uk

Really Impressed with this, I was looking for a simple way to incorporate a loyalty programme into my site and found this bad boy in the BG apps list. It does what it says and is simple to install and run. My Customers love it and I have had lots of positive reviews from it. Its even increased my sales, only a small amount but people are spending more to get something back. I like it a lot and its free up to 500 customers.

Wish it was like Magento over 3 years ago by brj...com

Good app, but wish so much it had the functionality of the program as it works with Magento..too bad, would gladly pay $49/mo for that kind of functionality, but not sure I would for this.

Effective over 3 years ago by mox...com

It was easy to install, and has been effective with no work on my part - customers sign up if they want to, a few have redeemed their points already and really liked the rewards. Hassle Free, Problem Free, and customers like it, it's a win-win.

Effective over 3 years ago by mox...com

It was easy to install, and has been effective with no work on my part - customers sign up if they want to, a few have redeemed their points already and really liked the rewards. Hassle Free, Problem Free, and customers like it, it's a win-win.

Effective over 3 years ago by mox...com

It was easy to install, and has been effective with no work on my part - customers sign up if they want to, a few have redeemed their points already and really liked the rewards. Hassle Free, Problem Free, and customers like it, it's a win-win.

Love the App! over 3 years ago by kem...com http://www.hawknhoben.com

I was previously managing my rewards progam by entry forms and entering everything manually.  This app is great so far and easy for customers to access.  Also the technical help has been great.  I currently have shopgate and will be looking forward to having these two apps work together!  Thank you!  

Works great and swift support answers. over 3 years ago by sfo....dk

You can choose the names of the points, the amount of points obtained per $ used and adjust point balances. Very easy to set up and for customers to use.

This app is easy and works well over 3 years ago by dav...com http://taylorstreetfavors.com

It was easy to install. I had an issue when we upgraded our theme and Mike at Sweet Tooth got back to us immediately. Issue was solved and we were back up. Simple, well designed and a great way to reward customers. 

Happy so far over 3 years ago by Marcy

I installed this program and so far so good. I havent been with them long enough to see how it will effect sales or not but the customer service is excellent in helping you with any questions and good service is commendable. I am looking forward to seeing benefits later on in the game for our customers. 

Great Easy App over 3 years ago by ron...com

This reward points app is tightly integrated into Bigcommerce. It is easy to set up and easy for the customer to use. I like it a lot.

Good so far over 3 years ago by Kur...com http://www.kurrystop.com

The feedback button positioning is catchy. Would be good to give free trials and additional functionalities...Subscription cost for the bells and whistles may be on the higher side for startups. That said, this application has surely garnered some good comments from our customers. Kudos! 

An App that actually works over 3 years ago by kha...com http://www.kharmacreations.net

Simple yet effective compared to other apps. Thank you.

Every store should have this app installed over 3 years ago by ton...com http://kasandrinos.com

Great UI and functionality, really easy to set up. Fast support. We love this app.

Does not install over 3 years ago by use...com http://www.thoughtbeambooks.com

Will not finish the installation process.

SImple, easy, and it works! over 3 years ago by lit...com http://littlethingscollective.com

It's free and works nicely.

My only complaint, if I'm nitpicking, is that I would expect more than just remove branding for the paid tiers (things such as offering ways to tie in my newsletter sign up for with the Sweet Tooth tab, maybe the possiblity of pop ups for that).

easy and works! over 3 years ago by Your Buddy Dave Kleinman http://fantasyworldhobbies.com

We had tried a lot of 3rd party rewards programs to no avail. No cards, no accounting, it does all the work, and had an easy editing interface for those special occasions/ issues. This was easy to set up and our customers dig it!

Big waste of time over 3 years ago by rob...com http://asource1

Review This is a big hassle to set up. With Shopify.com it takes just 1 click to install. They say it's 1 click install on here, but then it really isn't . Don't waste your time on it there are free scripts that you can find online that is just copy and paste. Asource1.com

Five Stars! over 3 years ago by pea...com http://www.peachesgiftshoppe.com

Seemless integration, easy to use dashboard, and it makes a difference. Not only do I love this app, but the customer support has been amazing. It is very easy to set up and the integration was easy to implement.  My only regret is not finding this app it sooner.

Think long term before implementing this over 3 years ago by big....uk

On the face of it this is a very good simple and free loyalty app which is much needed on BigCommerce, but be aware that the free installation is limited to only 500 customers. A loyalty scheme is a difficult thing to remove from a store once in place without annoying existing customers, once you commit to a product you're fairly tied-in so keep in mind the upgrade costs when you reach 500 customers is $49 dollars per month (for up to 2000 customers), and $199 a month for over 2000!

Great App over 3 years ago by atc...com http://www.tiffanysoycandles.com

Love this app. Easy to install. My customer are starting to take advantage of the rewards.

Love It over 3 years ago by Posh

I love this app. It so easy to set up, easy to use and love the way it works. It really makes a difference! So worth it.

Nice! over 3 years ago by alo...com http://faisean

Hi. My team have used this app for our store to motivate customers with loyalty program as they do shopping. Now we are setting up a new store and this app is the first thing we install. Very cool, and it gives a free try. Its really easy to setup, configure and get around. 

Perfect and easy to use! over 3 years ago by die...com http://www.diecutdarlings.com

Love this app! It was exactly what I was looking for. Supper friendly help in getting it set up. Had it set up and running right away. Customization available for naming your loyalty rewards. Now I can reward my returning customers and hopeful gain some new customers as well. Thank you!

Terrble over 3 years ago by Vbe...com http://MyGreenOutdoors.com

Garbage!  $49 a month once you hit 500 customers

So glad I added this to my site! over 3 years ago by Monique Fordyce http://curlykinks.com

I have been searching gigh and low for a rewards program for my website and most if not all of them were super expensive and you didn't get much for what you get. Then I came across Sweet Tooth and that all changed. I've had it on my site 2 days and alsready have over 50 customer sign up for it. This is really going to help with customer loyalty!