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When Is The Next Release Coming?

Hi everyone! In July I mentioned that we were working on a product redesign which involved a new visual design and also improvements to screens that you use regularly to run your business, such as the Add Product, Add Orders and Dashboard screens. In addition, I mentioned that the release will include new themes, a carousel builder and a way to tie your social media profiles more easily to your store.

The good news is that the release is almost ready. The not so good news is that it’s taken a little longer than we would’ve liked. These things happen and we didn’t want to rush the release, so we decided to take our time and do things right. To focus on the little details. To really improve the user experience. To make sure the new themes look gorgeous in all browsers and on all screen sizes. To give you an experience that makes your life a little easier every day.

We are still a few weeks away from rolling the release out and it will be opt-in for a while, meaning that you can try it out and play with it while still having the option to go back to the old (current) design. We really hope you’ll like it.

In the meantime, we are of course still rolling out weekly updates that focus on small improvements and bug fixes.

Got It. What Else Is In The Pipeline?

While working on the redesign and other improvements mentioned above, we’ve been working night and day on other projects in parallel.

We’ve tripled the size of our engineering, product and design teams since the start of the year so we can further accelerate our product development and platform efforts in line with our new tag line – Sell More.

Upcoming product and platform improvements will help run your business on the go, drive more traffic and sales, boost the speed of your store, streamline your business processes and better integrate your store with other software you use to run your business. We are also working hard to implement the most popular features suggested in our ideas forum.

On that note, we’re about to launch a much better way to get your feedback and ideas directly to our product management team. You’ll be able to chat with them, share ideas and even go one-on-one with them in person if you happen to be in Sydney or Austin. They will be able to give you a good idea of when a requested feature will be built but they will also be able to tell you if we actually won’t be building a feature that’s been requested. Transparency and timeliness are the key measurements for this particular project we’ve been working on. We value your feedback and ideas¬†immensely.

Stay tuned for a series of announcements and releases around what I’ve mentioned above. We’ve put tens of thousands of hours in to the upcoming releases and I can’t wait for you to see what we’ve been working on.

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  • Robert

    Its been 6+ weeks since this post. Where is the button to try this out? There are a lot of things we would like to test before the holiday season so we don’t lose money when this is a forced migration for everyone.

  • Robert

    Its been 6+ weeks since this post. Where is the button to try this out? There are a lot of things we would like to test before the holiday season so we don’t lose money when this is a forced migration for everyone.

    Thank you

  • Reese V

    Hi Mitch – Do you have any tentative date when the new release will be ready? I am looking to launch my online business by no latest than Nov. I am very keen to use BigCommerce services/ template, however I am only interested in the new themes featuring carousel builders. I haven’t seen any update since this post. So I am wondering if you could shed some light on the expected release date. This will be very helpful as I really need to get going with my business very soon.

  • The new version was showing on on my BC admin for several weeks, however starting yesterday this interface program is no longer showing up and was reverted back to the old version of BC (with the video and less user friendly). Contacted support and they have no idea why this happened.

  • Ever time I call about the new templates which were originally scheduled for release in August, I keep getting the answer “soon.” It is now a month later than the original date and still no word. Very frustrating, especially since your major competitor, Shopify, has much nicer design options.
    When we converted to Big Commerce in August of this year, one of the major features our salesrep told us was the new templates, because we didn’t like your current offerings which seemed too bland and generic. Now it feel as if we were sold Vaporware!

  • will the new release improve on the current delivery module … are you addressing the following:
    currently if the customer uses the drop down list to choose a delivery date (vs. using the actual calendar), they are able to pick a delivery date in the past.
    i currently are not able to control the delivery dates .. i don’t want to deliver on sunday’s …. or if customer orders on a sunday, i need to allow at least 2 days for delivery

    otherwise, i am absolutely happy … .


  • Mitch, you have to FIRST fix all the problems with BC, including but not limited to the Facebook Store app. It is seriously messed up. Still. (product description below/off screen, right & left arrows on feature prod. don’t work, wasted white space, etc). So, when your press releases boast about getting more money, bigger staff, the next sentence should not be “..we are working on many new projects in parallel” but instead should be “we are fixing every problem that has ever been reported, including UPDATING all of our help files (text and photos) while finishing our new upgrades”. With so much cash BC has, again, you seem to produce updates and fixes at a poor-man’s pace. So far, BC does indeed have great features at good prices, and your phone support is very good, but if you can not take 15 million PLUS another 20 million and continue to fail to get things done as a faster, better pace, then perhaps the person making decisions (hiring programmers, developers, planners, etc) is not doing a good job. $35 million total dollars later and the new Admin area and our templates are STILL not ready? Sound like financial mis-management or poor hiring practices might be happening. If you hire good, expensive people who are worth it, you would have only a slightly larger staff instead of making a lot more employees sound like things will happen faster. Fewer expensive amazing programmers are better than double the number of employees at the lowest possible rate (would YOU pick your doctor buy such parameters??). All things considered, BC is a good deal with good stuff, but, my gosh, with so many millions of dollars infused into BC, why is only the BC webpage is what is actually new by now? California has tons of web developers and programmers looking for work (and super-good and super-smart). Come out here and recruit some amazing talent! In the meantime, keep moving forward while fixing all the little things along the way too. :)

  • Ronald

    heard all this before.. and still waiting… smh

  • Hey, any more news on the upgrade? Thanks, Dave…

  • Hi,
    I was wondering when the new templates and carousel slider will be ready. I noticed that this post says a couple weeks and that was on the 5th. I have a store right now that I am really wanting to update and change but wanted to wait till the new designs roll out so I thought I would check. Thanks,

  • Kevin

    It’s been a few weeks since this post. Just wondering if there’s any updates. Like many others, I’ve been waiting since July for this update and don’t mind waiting as long as there is transparency in what is happening behind the scenes. Mitch, would it be possible to ask for an ETA or a progress report on what’s up? Thanks.

  • Harold Chandler

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  • lauren

    as soon as this is completed , i will bring my site over to bigcommerce for good..and i’m sure alot of others feel this way so i hope its soon !

  • violet k

    can you post if any upgrades to the shipping system are involved such as multi-box shipping, ships by itself, limit to how many of x items can fit into 1 shipment. (For example I can put 3 widgets into 1 box but if they order a 4th widget that needs a new box).

    Cosmetic improvements are fun, but functionality is what gets users really excited. As is we lose money on the shipping. Looking forward to any replies.

  • Great news. I hope that an integrated blog system is at the top of the heap for future dev.

  • Chris

    The time it takes does not matter as long as the release functions as it should.

    Your website looks great–better than I expected and I’m eager to see the new themes in the next BigCommerce release. I’m excited to see the next release when it’s ready.

    Although I only help my clients sell on BigCommerce, I want something to sell on my own just to run my own BigCommerce store since your platform is so awesome.

    I love it!

    Keep up your good work.

  • How bout some automatic re-orders? Like amazon has for food items. Thanks Mitch.

  • Josh

    Great communication, thanks! I would rather wait for something that is correct than have junk rushed to the market. I love the word transparency as well – keep up this great communication, please!

  • How about giving us a way to put a product on sale that looks like it is on sale? The core of selling online. Right now when you put a product on sale…well, it looks just like the others NOT on sale.

  • While I’m happy for redesigns when they’re necessary, I’d rather have more features that could turn a small business entity presence into a larger, more professional one. Long-requested features such as restock notifications for customers keep getting ignored. I don’t need a back-end redesign; I’d like more enhancements to keep my customers coming back.

  • We can’t wait to see what you’ve been working on as well. Thanks for talking with us!

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