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BigCommerce and Sift Science Partner to Bring Automated Fraud Detection to Midsize Merchants

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BigCommerce and Sift Science have introduced a new single-click application within the Bigcommerce backend to automatically detect potential fraud for online merchants with significant order volume. This partnership effectively positions Bigcommerce Enterprise as the safest ecommerce platform on which to run a scaling midsized business.

Sift Science’s tool looks at thousands of behavioral and identity signals before and after an order takes place to uncover hidden clues and red flags. Using this data, the app connects the dots to distinguish legitimate users from fraudsters, and assigns a Sift Score to quantify the potential risk. The score ranges from 1 to 100, with 1 being safe, and 100 being almost certainly fraudulent.

Brands including JackThreads, OpenTable, Airbnb, WayFair, Twitter, Kickstarter and Zillow are already using Sift Science and saving considerable amounts of time by quickly triaging bad orders and limiting their number of manual reviews. In short, your business benefits in real-time as Sift Science applies learnings from fraud attempts experienced anywhere on their global customer network.

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“Good news –– in a way –– we were able to catch two quite obviously fraudulent orders and cancel shipping within 30 minutes of installing Sift,” says Arthur Maitre, ecommerce manager at Native Union, a BigCommerce beta tester for the Sift Science integration. “Good stuff!”

In addition to the benefits explained above, this new partnership and integration will allow your business to:

  • Save time and your business’ bottom line
    • Your time is precious. Quickly tell the difference between good and bad customers, so you can focus on growing your sales.
    • Reduce chargebacks for your store by identifying fraudulent orders before you process and fulfill them.
  • Take advantage of accurate and powerful technology
    • Sift Science analyzes over 5,000 behavior and identity patterns before and after an order is placed.
    • Deep dive into a customer’s activity to learn what factors make them risky.
    • Catch fraud specific to your business. Sift Science learns what’s normal for your business and gets smarter with every transaction.

BigCommerce Enterprise merchants can download the app and begin protecting their stores from fraud immediately or read on here for more information on how to incorporate Sift Science into your existing workflow.

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  • HummingbirdNetworks

    Right. What about the other plans? Is it available? Cost?

  • Sift Science is free to all Enterprise plans. You can read more about Sift Science in our knowledge base article at

  • HummingbirdNetworks

    Is it available for other plans besides enterprise? How much?


    i have been been waiting for this app for the longest, all others failied , even signifyd failed at some transactions, so far so good, thanks . sal at

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