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How switching ecommerce platforms increased Stupid Cancer’s monthly sales by 34%

Julie Neumann / 2 min read

Have you ever wanted to give cancer the bird? Thanks to Stupid Cancer, you can. In addition to Flip the Cancer Bird, they carry the official Cancer Card, a Stupid Cancer skateboard deck and more. “Everything we sell through our online store directly benefits Stupid Cancer,” said Kenny Kane, EVP of Mission at the nonprofit.

Kenny and his friend Matthew Zachary, a brain cancer survivor, started Stupid Cancer to raise awareness, expand resources and build a community for 15 to 39-year-olds battling the disease. Though they initially relied on donations and sponsorships, Kenny decided to sell branded products online to bring in a new revenue stream. The new Stupid Cancer store was immediately a hit. “Everybody loves to wear Stupid Cancer,” he said. “People love our t shirts, wristbands and stickers—integrating our brand into their daily life.” 

flip the cancer bird

After 18 months on Volusion, Kenny was ready to make the  move to a more powerful platform. In 2013, Stupid Cancer migrated to Bigcommerce and hasn’t looked back. “In the 4 months that we have been on Bigcommerce, we’ve surpassed the revenue we generated in 2012 with Volusion.”

Kenny shared how he’s maximized the Bigcommerce platform for a 34% increase in monthly sales. And make sure you check out our Bigcommerce case study on Stupid Cancer to learn how they’ve leveraged commerce for a good cause.

1. Take advantage of apps

“One of my favorite parts about Bigcommerce is the app store. I’m big into integrations, seeing how to make the process more streamlined and how to better serve our customers.”

2. Pick the right theme

“Right off the bat I looked at the templates and they were night and day,” he said. “A lot of the Bigcommerce templates are real minimalist, real beautiful, elegant and easy to navigate.”

3. Don’t forget about mobile shoppers

“The mobile experience on Bigcommerce versus Volusion is also night and day. On Volusion it was non-existent, so you had a lot of zooming in, zooming out and missed sales.”

4. Connect with your customers

“Starting from scratch, you don’t really know what your base and your constituency are going to want—you need to have an open line of dialogue with them. Put a Contact Us tab up, keep track of who’s talking to you on social, listen to them and give them what they want.”

For more on Stupid Cancer, watch our interview with Kenny, below, and read his Bigcommerce success story.


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2 comments on “How switching ecommerce platforms increased Stupid Cancer’s monthly sales by 34%

  1. Julie Neumann
  2. Tyler 'Sully' Sullivan on

    My website is on volusion..and I think this blog is slightly deceptive…was the website design the same?…what apps did you add, the company was more established…so did switching really instantly increase sales by 30+%….

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