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esa is a multi-channel lister that imports from eBay and lists to BigCommerce and Etsy. Both products and inventory management are supported.

[Note: This app executes outside the BigCommerce control panel. You may need to turn off your pop up blocker.]

  • Free trial is limited to 10 items imported with 2 deleted. One Day and Monthly plans available. Price is calculated per store and varies by number of eBay items to import.
  • Save time, import products from eBay and synch inventory quickly - designed to handle up to 25,000 items.
  • Auto Run. Keep in constant sync with eBay. Runs silently in the background and emails you results.
  • Import products, images, description, SKU, Price, Quantity, etc, from eBay for only those items you approve.
  • Packed with features for manual and custom executions.
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Client Reviews (10)

Seriously Fantastic! 3 months ago by
This app has saved us hundreds of hours! Syncs ebay to bigcommerce seamlessly and the customer support is fantastic! We have the $99 plan for 1,000+ items. It will save you way more than $99!
Great Product, Greater Service 10 months ago by
We integrated our ebay platform to big commerce using ESA product Manager. We had some challenges regarding our gallery image. Customer Service was 5 star and helped us correct the issue. WOW LOVE THIS APP, we would recommend it A++++++++++++
Easy integration, great product and support about 1 year ago by
This product is invaluable for my listings. Although I have an online store, my main sales channel is eBay so ensuring the product is listed correctly on eBay is my top priority. Since I sell used items, each product is unique. I list all my products on eBay, then this app pulls all that information to my BigCommerce store and keeps both synced perfectly. Excellent customer service - the developer always gets back to me right away and has even done some minor customization. Recently I experimented with BigCommerce's eBay integration tool. Not only was it clunky, (I am no fan of BigCommerce's product entry system), it didn't work at all! When I called BigCommerce they said eBay just did a code change, so none of it is working and they don't know when it will be back up. I'll stick to reliable apps for my business, thank you!
Does a Excellent Job! I would like a starter seller price structure! about 1 year ago by
I used this because ink frog doesn't import ebay products. I would say this app does better job connect to bigcommerce to ebay than inkfrog. Esa Manger is far more easier to use. I would like if they offered a starter seller plan importing 250 - $15 per month. The reason I stopped using it, because it was to expensive for 200 listing ebay store. If it was cheper, I would definitely use it again! :)
Excellent Customer Support about 1 year ago by
I spoke to the owner of the company on the phone to sort out some complications. He was very accommodating and helpful. I'd recommend this product to anyone looking for an eBay import/sync solution.
Great eBay integration (imports and exports) about 1 year ago by
The application is very easy to use and allows you to import our eBay listings, keep inventory synced between both platforms, and allows for order management from either platform. Also has an auto sync option that will ensure your website and eBay store stay synced up. I highly recommend the app to those who want to sell there products on eBay and their own store.
ESA Product Manager SO EASY!! about 1 year ago by
This company is a real person! No sales pitch, or phone calls to talk you into something. NO NEED! This place is awesome! I tried out the free trial and Jack sent me a message right away. I had him installing my ebay store of 5000 items all over the place, I tried etsy but found out it would cost an arm and a leg to get me started, so I decided to do my own website so I just emailed Jack and asked if he could move my items yet again from ebay to Bigcommerce, he said no problem and in a matter of minutes, my store was ready to go. The very BEST thing is that in all my items 5000 of them...NO Errors or Duplicates! I've tried all of the other company's and always I had to spend hours and hours of fixing all my items on the new platform. Not with ESA Product Manager! I will be using them from now on to grow my business to new markets. I didn't even know about this company. You know why? NO PROBLEMS with them! That's why you don't hear about them. I'm so happy to have finally found a way to expand my business and I don't have to worry about a thing. It's like hiring the perfect employee only for a lot less money! I don't have to log into yet another program, or spend hours learning a new software and fixing my items. It's all taken care of for me, every hour of the day! Thank you Jack and I highly recommend you go check them out. You will not be sorry! Michelle my store
Easy to use, Super fast support! over 2 years ago by

I was looking for a solution like this for a very long time... I can only say i am lucky i find this one; not only has it done the job perfectly the support for custom need is amazing....

Great App! over 2 years ago by

Great interface, easy to understand and use. Super Customer service, very responsive.

We use to synchronize our eBay items and I'm amazed how much time it saves us. 

ESA Product Manager over 3 years ago by

We use this app at to import inventory from eBay to our BigCommerce site. Great quality and service, prompt replies to question and wonderful assistance.