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Sellbrite is the #1 multichannel listing app for BigCommerce

★★★★★ "Hands down the easiest multichannel program to use! Perhaps even the best on the market." -Paul Lee

★★★★★ "Best Listing Platform I have ever used and I have used just about all of them." -Tom Whitt

Sell your BigCommerce inventory on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Etsy, Sears, Newegg, Rakuten and more!

Sellbrite is powerfully-simple cloud software that enables you to easily list and sell your BigCommerce products on multiple sales channels, control and sync inventory, manage and fulfill orders, and provides you with the multichannel reporting intelligence you need to be successful.

You can also populate your BigCommerce store with new products in your Sellbrite catalog or from your listings on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Rakuten, Newegg and Sears.

Powerful Listing Functionality

  • Quick to set up and easy to use - Connect your account and import your BigCommerce products with ease.
  • Super Fast Listing - Bulk list your products to eBay, Amazon and more in just seconds. Save listing options to make launching new listings quick and easy.
  • Full Featured - Support for all the features on each marketplace.
  • Listing Management - Monitor, revise, and relist your products from one place.
  • Custom Marketplace Templates - Create unlimited pre-saved listing templates in advance.
  • Variation Control - Easily create variation listings, with complete inventory management on each child item.

Unlimited Scalability

  • Multiple Accounts - Connect as many sales channels accounts as you manage to a single Sellbrite account.
  • Inventory Sync - Synchronize inventory to all of your listings on every sales channel based on rules you set.
  • International Shipping - Sell your items to buyers all around the world.
  • Smart Reports - Get granular data that will improve your bottom line.
Free App - Service from $49/m (14-day Free Trial)

Client Reviews (46)

Etsy Upload about 18 days ago by
I used Sellbrite for a very large inventory transfer from Etsy to BigCommerce. It worked great for me. I have over 530 products with a ton of variations and Sellbrite was able to handle the transfer very well. A few things had to be done manually, it took a little more time than anticipated, but again, I have a ton of variations. I highly recommend this app. I also had great assistance from my account manager, Holland.
Great For Multichannel Sellers 4 months ago by
Great if you have another channel besides bigcommerce and you don't want to manually put in inventory on the other channel. Would reccomend for any amazon or ebay sellers that have their own website as well. Just make sure you turn channel integration off on bigcommerce first or your inventory will get messed up and populate orders twice.
Sellbrite 4 months ago by
After months o deciding on paying a higher price for Sellbrite than the price I was paying on another multichannel site, I am extremely happy with my decision to change. Sellbrite had outstanding customer service to get a seller quickly up to speed and syncing their products on all channels. This is not to mention the many features Sellbrite offers.
Basic Functionality OK - Many Weak Spots 5 months ago by
First, I will say, Sellbrite is not #1, far from it. We are (were) one of Sellbrite’s oldest clients and initially Sellbrite was a good basic inventory control system that allowed for managing multi channels. This year, we have had major issues with the Sellbrite system completely failing (Single variant inventory disaster) and customer service that thinks they are all knowing but yet have never sold a thing online or managed their own inventory. We recently tested 11 other multi-channel systems and Sellbrite was at best, in the middle of the pack. So what is wrong with Sellbrite? Sellbrite has major issues in dealing with a large catalog. This summer, we had about 300 sku's that were a one size product that now came in as a multi-size product. We had to individually delete almost 1500 products from Sellbrite to change 300 SKU's because Sellbrite makes you delete every single item individually from your warehouse and then each individual channel to completely delete the sku. That was over 1500 entries, page loads and deletes we had to do! When I brought up having a single "delete" button to completely delete a product, Sellbrite could not understand why you would need one ... are you serious? It took days to complete this 300 sku change to our catalog, days! They still do not know why you would need a single “delete” button to purge a product from the system. What you have is a whole bunch of people at Sellbrite who have never sold anything online trying to tell someone like me what is important to running the business, a person who sells thousands of products and has over 6000 sku’s and a massive catalog and warehouse, simply amazing. Another serious issue with Sellbrite is that is has become unreliable. In June of this year, we noticed that all single variant products stopped updating inventory in Sellbrite. In late June, I started a ticket and gave specific product examples they could test and within 2 minutes see exactly what I meant. Well, they blamed me and asked me for more detail … seriously? They did not even test the two simple examples I gave them because they could not entertain that it may be their software that was faulty. In the middle of July I brought it up again and again it was my fault. They now said that we need to delete my entire catalog and all channels and reload everything. Whoa! So now my inventory on over 2000 single variants SKU's is completely out of count and in addition, I had to relaod and resync thousands of products on 6 channels because the single variant issue of inventory not updating was my fault. Simply amazing and by this time (almost 2 months of single variants not updating on Sellbrite), Sellbrite had still not done any tests just to see if it may be their system that is not working. For the record, I do write code and am very technically inclined but Sellbrite believes the single variant issue of not updating inventory was my fault, amazing. I even showed them the hundreds of products that were showing a 404 error on Sellbrite in inventory. AT this point, showed Sellbrite was NOT updating ... nope, it was my still my fault. Finally, in late July / early August I had enough and spoke with much more colorful language about how it was Sellbrite messing up with regards to all single variants not updating inventory. By now, my inventory and every client of Sellbrite who had single variant products are completely out of whack with regards to inventory. Suddenly, Sellbrite came back and admitted, “Yes, it is an issue with Sellbrite software”. Wow, they finally let go of their hubris. It took them almost 3 months to do a 2 minute test to find out that it was Sellbrite messing up. I have no trust in the Sellbrite software maintaining my inventory nor do I have any confidence in their internal controls with regards to their source code issues. The most amazing thing about this incident is they completely tried to bury this catastrophic source code flaw that resulted in single variants not being updated. Did you see anything in their notes or messages to clients about this? No, they buried it and tried to make it seem like it did not exist. Even the CEO of Sellbrite contacted me because Sellbrite knew they just had a major screw up in their code, customer service and internal controls. The Bottom line, there are many more things I could mention but in the end, Sellbrite is middle of the pack multi-channel software and dropping with serious flaws in their internal controls, serious issues with their customer service and people who have never sold online or managed a huge catalog of sku’s trying to make software for people who do sell online and manage a huge catalog of sku’s. We tested many other systems and we are with one that is 1/3 the cost and is amazing.
Beautiful App - No Features! 11 months ago by Imaginations Costume & Dance
I loved this at first, but then I found out that if it isn't in Amazon's catalog already than its pretty much useless. Fashion dance apparel or new costume items can't be linked. On top of it, it can't link product options such as size or color. For that price, I'm not interested.
Seamless experience and uber responsive tech support 11 months ago by
Sellbrite is an easy and intuitive way to take the work out of handling orders from BigCommerce. It saves us 10-15 hours a month of work and alot of anxiety!
Best Option about 1 year ago by
After sampling a lot of similar apps, Sellbrite is the best option I've found. They all do roughly the same thing. All of these multi-channel apps have the ability to become more and more in-depth and advanced. It's almost limitless. Sellbrite also seems to keep adding more features on a regular basis. They're not sitting still. They're becoming more robust. For example, they said they were going to add the ability to sync with international Ebay and Amazon sites - and now it's there. There are a few more features I'm hoping they add (such as automated category-placement mapping). I think that's it. If you're serious about syncing up your channels, there isn't a better option out there. Sellbrite is the best.
On Boarding With Ease about 1 year ago by
Sellbrite is quick and efficient to get your multi channel solution going in the right direction. We found setting things up with our existing channels to be one of the slickest we've ever seen. Once you get your channels properly linked, and rules all set up, using SellBright becomes more automated with a few daily routines. We planned for a separate shipping app but found that SellBrite built in shipping works just fine for our needs. The On Boarding follow up support was one of the things I did not expect and scheduling follow up support further builds my confidence in working with Sellbrite. Pros: Ease of use, great support, works as promised. Cons: Does not post products for eBay Automotive part sellers. Will still manage eBay inventory.
BUYER'S REMORSE, BEWARE! about 1 year ago by
BUYER'S REMORSE, BEWARE: We purchased the month subscription to sellbrite to test out their system vs their competitor's, and unfortunately we were pretty disappointed. If I could give lower then a 1 star, I would. The customer service is extremely slow in answering back to our issues. We opened up a good hand full of tickets throughout our month to request help on different issues, each time it took many days/ up to 1-2 weeks to get a fixable solution. As a result, we lost so many days during our month subscription waiting for an answer. Some things to consider with sellbrite: - Works with Etsy somewhat. When building your listings over they will link with your bigcommerce inventory temporarily, and eventually all of our THOUSANDS of items became unlinked. Their support team first informed us that it was our fault everything unlinked. After I corrected them stating we did nothing, they informed me to manually connect back thousands of products/variations, great solution. Now we have to figure out which categories/items have been submitted to Etsy and which have not. - When creating items over to Etsy, we had duplicate items created. - When creating items over to Etsy, ALL of our product descriptions somehow got HTML coding pasted into them by the sellbrite system. I currently have employees cleaning up our descriptions. - The sellbrite system does NOT support tagging your products on Etsy - The sellbrite system does NOT support Amazon listing creation. Meaning if you own your own brand on Amazon, you will not be able to create any listings not already in the Amazon catalog. Pretty much useless. - The sellbrite system does NOT support ANY item creation in Newegg or Rakuten, I mean ZERO. - The sellbrite system does NOT support ANYTHING in Walmart "yet" - The sellbrite system has numerous bugs while creating a listing. For example, apparently our inventory on an item was "zero", but when you check the inventory manager page it was at 100. As a result, the item would not publish over. Basically, sellbrite has a lot of issues that we have experienced. It was not a smooth month at all, and the support was extremely slow. Nothing was done about all of the loss of time we experienced from their system and customer support, although I was told by their support team I would be contacted by her manager, which big surprise never happened. As a result of the lack of communication, slow customer service, and a system lacking in many crucial features I immediately have cancelled our subscription and we will not be coming back to sellbrite. I urge everyone to consider other options before wasting hundreds of dollars or more on this service.
Sellbrite Multichannel software about 1 year ago by
Fabulous product, fabulous customer service, true Multi Channel functionality
Excellent Partner for A BigCommerce Website about 1 year ago by http://www/
The excellent customer service and quick response time helped me get the program synced and running faster than I'd hoped. Sellbrite is an excellent multi-channel inventory management partner for my eBay, Amazon and Big Commerce stores. The interface is very easy to learn and use, plus did I mention the outstanding customer service? There are aspects of the system which are not available at this time: variation listing on Etsy, creating new listings on Amazon, and no integration with They've indicated it's on their radar, and I'm sure they will be adding those features in the near future. Despite those set backs, this software has really helped me "clean house" and take my next big steps with confidence. I've been able to quickly pull existing information from all my old, out-dated listings and quickly build better listings across channels. I instantly saw sales as I moved to Etsy, and I've been able to manage and plan for my growth. If you haven't already, try the free trial and see what Sellbrite can do for your business. I'd recommend taking the trial period seriously; upload as much as you can, play around with difficult variations, and really test the system's adaptability to situations that are unique to your business or product line. Their team will quickly take action on any issues that may come up.
Easy and willing to work with the customer about 1 year ago by
From the beginning the SellBrite team has been outstanding. We are a manufacturer of over 3000 products that can be customized during the sale by the customer. Sellbrite did not support this functionality at first, after talking to them and working with them they and we are onboard now. Being an ex-programmer myself I understand that things can not be accomplished overnight, but their team has been doing an outstanding job. The product is easy to use and very intuitive. Tons of functionality, support team is very quick to respond to any questions and concerns are addressed very quickly. We looked for over a year for a system that could address all the issue's we have with our needs, from a central listing manager, to importing listings via text file or API's to invoicing and shipping functionality the product is well put together. We look forward to a long relationship with Sellbrite
Best move I've made in a long time. over 2 years ago by

Searched and tested many multichannel platforms, but nothing sufficed until I used Sellbite. This company has the best platform to push listings and manage inventory with plans to improve. On top of that, they have the best customer support of any b2b. Can't wait to see what the future brings. 

Great Program over 2 years ago by

I have used every program that would integrate Ebay and BigCommerce.  I also use Etsy.  I have had issues with all of them except Sellbrite.  It's easy to use, has the functionality I need and is costs far less than the others I tried and I tried 4 of them before Sellbrite.  I start my listings on BigCommerce, then list to Ebay and Etsy after importing into Sellbrite.  I could go elsewhere with this and I will at some point.  Others take percentages of what you sell, require that you go in and close every transaction after you are done for the day or just did not keep accurate inventory.

Excellent Multi-Channel Management over 2 years ago by

This is the first multi-channel automated system we have used and it is awesome! It is extremely simple to use and maintain inventory across all of our sales channels. Their support personnel are among the best that we have encountered.


  • Inventory levels are simultaneously updated automatically across all channels when changed (sold, edited, etc.) in one channel
  • Easy manual import/export of Excel inventory sheets (perfect for dropshippers that utilize a data feed)
  • Extremely simple user-interface 
  • Upload products into Sellbrite right from current listings (so you don't need to create new products in Sellbrite!)
  • Extremely fast and friendly support
  • News is posted about potential sync issues due to channel issues and when the issues are resolved


  • Cannot create products in Sellbrite and import to eBay Motors (you can create the product in eBay Motors and upload into Sellbrite)
  • Not many sales/inventory reports
Sellbrite is the best. Period. over 2 years ago by MMA Fanatics

We have tried Linnworks, SellerActive, Ordoro and other less poplular programs, and the winner is Sellbrite. Sellbrite is the easiest, most friendly, most powerful, not one of the best, but the best program for multi-channel inventory sync.

We are an Amazon FBA based seller with thousands of SKUs. It's always a headache to oversell cross BC and other marketplaces. Sellbrite already put us at ease even before their FBA support comes online (in a few weeks). We can upload FBA inventory via CSV file and sync with BC within 15 minute. 

Sellbrite also saved us lots of time to create new products directly for FBA listings. Almost everything piece of information is automatically passed to BC, as long as you select a category for the product. Other special features, such as activate Google Shopping or adding a Youtube video, can only be done in BC's platform.

Once FBA support is live, we are looking for the best two features: 

(1) auto-import inventory a few time a day from Amazon;

(2) auto-fulfill orders from eBay, BC,,, etc. with Amazon FBA.

Thanks to Mike and Brian, great job!!!

Best Inventory Management We've Used over 2 years ago by

Almost perfect system for us, and we anxiously await some future updates to make it even better.


Easy to use UI, very intuitive

Syncs with Shipstation, EBay, Amazon, etc.

Accurate inventory tracking, never had a problem

Helpful and prompt customer service


Does not currently support kiting or bundling

Doesn't auto sync new inventory

Both features are planned for the future, so for now, this is by far our best option and one of our favorite apps. Highly recommended!

The Best Around! over 2 years ago by

After looking at nearly ever single multi-channel software on the market, I landed on SellBrite. The UI is incredibly easy to use and looks great. Every feature that it currently doesn't have that I've inquired about, it's slated to be added to their service. Not to mention, they have an incredibly responsive, helpful customer support team. Incredibly pleased and can't wait to see them grow!

Excellent product and exceptional service! over 2 years ago by Judith Collins

Been with these guys well over a year now and extremely pleased with their product and service.  If you have a question or an issue, they are on top of it at an amazing speed.  Friendly and helpful is an understatement.  A must have app if you use Amazon, Ebay and or Big Commerce.  I look forward to their ever expanding services :) 


Great app! over 2 years ago by

Great Powerful app! you need to try it if you sell on multiple channels

Great small business solution! over 3 years ago by

Sellbrite has been a great help in growing our online sales department.  It is very easy to use and understand, customer service is excellent, and new features are added regularly!  It doesn't have all of the features of bigger platforms, but it is very affordable even for small businesses.

Game changer! over 3 years ago by

We have a growing brand that sells in multiple marketplaces (20K orders per month / 600+ listings) and keeping inventory spread across the marketplaces--Amazon, eBay, BC--so that it is both in-stock as well as the correct count has been a nightmare for us since day one.  A couple of particular challenges that Sellbrite has solved for us: 1) updating inventory when receiving purchase orders, 2) updating quantities for outgoing FBA shipments, and 3) now that inventory count is equally distributed in all marketplaces, we can now advertise in the lesser marketplaces, whereas it never made sense for us to do so before, due to low inventory.

So we sought out an inventory management solution and after sifting through the good and the bad, and multiple trials and even a subscription to another two services, we found Sellbrite. While this is a review of Sellbrite, I think it's important to say that all of the other services we tried were unnecessarily complicated or very slow to load, and they came with additional features that we simply didn't need. My impression of a lot of the other services is that they are trying to be an all-in-one solution and to add value to customers by offering unrelated features, but the downside of this is that something is lost when the focus is spread so thin.

So about Sellbrite, it's easy to use and it works! I realize the simplicity of this statement but if you go try Linnworks--save yourself some heartache and don't do it--you will quickly realize the value of Sellbrite. It's quick, easy, intuitive, and it's designed with the user in mind. It just makes sense AND it's even visually-appealing, which is truly a plus. It does what it's made to do and in a way that makes sense. I know that I've said this twice already but this really is a must for an inventory management tool. Our staff has easily adapted to batch updating inventory via Excel files that are a one-click upload as well as manually updating quantities individually. Without much of a learning curve, we were able to start using Sellbrite with ease. The Sellbrite team is also very accessible with an in-app contact feature that is very cool. Oh, and the reports are also great--very useful for when we place orders to replenish stock. We are saving countless hours of productivity every week, thanks to Sellbrite, and it is truly a game changer for us to be able to focus on more meaningful tasks. So far, so good. Thanks a million (perhaps even literally), Sellbrite!  

Great service / great product over 3 years ago by

I am thrilled with the product thus far.   This is a combined "listing tool" and "inventory sync tool."

Other inventory sync tools do a great job of syncing the inventory across multiple channels.  But this is the only tool that offers this service as well as helping to publish product listings.   I imported my big commerce products and then began pushing my products to Amazon, Etsy and Ebay.   Revenue has increased almost over night and we are excited about the future.

Ecommerce is all about getting your product to be viewed by more eyeballs.    And this tool is amazing at increasing your audience.    Make the jump.


P.S.  Feel free to drop me a line using the contact form on my website if you have question.

Sellbrite App over 3 years ago by

Great App! 

Wish it integrated with more sites :)

Hands down the easiest multichannel program to use! Perhaps even the best on the market. over 3 years ago by


-Great interface; clean, clear, easy to use.

-Simple and straightforward channel controls

-Superb customer support (*Tip of my hat to Austin, he has been very patient with all my messages and always provides great support)

-Does exactly what it claims to do


-Needs more features; i.e., pricing controls, bulk listings controls, temporary pause listings, etc.

-Editing inventory one at a time is very time consuming; bulk inventory import works, but doesn't leave a entry in the transaction history for future reference.

-Some orders were slipping in due even though inventory was set to 0 on Sellbrite.  This may have been caused by us switching between Amazon FBA and Merchant, or editing the inventory at the channel end; we are not 100% sure what is the cause, but Sellbrite has been very helpful and we are working together to figure it out. (*Again, tip of my hat to Austin.)

-Needs bulk editing options

-No Amazon FBA or support, but coming in the future I hope.


In my opinions, Sellbrite is the best program out there for businesses selling on multiple channels (Amazon, Ebay, and Bigcommerce).  That doesn't mean it is free of kinks & issues, but it does do everything it needs to very well.  Highly recommended. I am really looking forward to Sellbrite's future and Amazon FBA support, the ability to price and switch between FBA and Merchant is very important to us.  Hopefully it will come soon!

Good product + outstanding support over 3 years ago by

I'm just learning my way around multi-channel selling and between Bigcommerce and Amazon, was ready to tear my hair out. The team at Sellbrite could not possibly be any more helpful or responsive without camping out in my office!  

When I mentioned there was a function I really needed, they went and enabled it - when does that ever happen?? As others have mentioned, it's not quite perfect yet. But they are hard at work building in new features to streamline workflow and reduce duplication of effort. For example to share more information between Bigcommerce and Sellbrite, integration with ShipStation, etc. I'm happy with it so far and excited to see what they roll out!

Great Product and Excellent Support!! over 3 years ago by

It took us quite a while to find an inventory management solution that fit our needs, and after a lot of trial and error, we settled on Sellbrite. The software is still relatively new, and has had a few bugs, but the support and response from the crew has been terrific. 

We sell on Bigcommere, eBay, and Amazon, and although we wish it had a few other features we were originally looking for in a platform to handle our multi-channel inventory needs, we've been very happy with the product so far and really love the interface, and the folks behind it. 

For other people looking for an inventory solution, we would definitely recommend sellbrite to them. We tried a half dozen other solutions, including Ordoro and Stitchlabs, but they all fell short for one reason or another. 

Very good product...Spectacular support!! over 3 years ago by

I am a one of a kind product retailer with thousands of SKU. This product has become an integral part of my online marketing. I base in BC and list out to EBay and Etsy. 

1) Inventory sync has not failed once---5-30 minutes de-listing once a product is sold in the remaining two channels.

2) Listing process is a breeze once you are set up. I can put out 50-100 listings at a time in less than 5 minutes.

3) Image and data integrity has been 100% in the listings (I have done thousands). I highly recommend you get a good designer to create EBay templates for your listings and EBay store to work with Sellbrite---Sellbrite recommended OCDesignsonline and I was VERY pleased. The integration of custom data/fields is perfect.

4) There is not a steep learning curve here for those that have been selling online for a while. This system can be learned/tested well within the 14 day trial period. Set aside a nice rainy weekend and give it the proper time it deserves. 

5) Now for the best part---They actually have folks that support this product and support it well. They have a great "screenshot" app on all the pages so if you run into issues/questions just take a screenshot and send it with your question to support...Surprise, surprise...they will actually come back with answers, solutions or hey perhaps we can add that functionality down the road. These folks are professionals and do not just put the online manual out there for you to read and figure out. 

Give Sellbrite a try...A small investment of your time with a big ROI!

Makes inventory management a breeze! over 3 years ago by

Sellbrite is an awesome app backed by a team of very responsive professionals!  Our life is so much easier since we started using Sellbrite.  Need to restock a SKU?  Just a couple of clicks and it pushes the update out to BigCommerce, eBay, Amazon and Etsy simultaneously! They just added some new features for managing shipping orders from multiple channels, and the reporting across channels is great as well.   New developments come out frequently, and support is fast and friendly if you need it.

Extremely Useful Fast Response Time over 3 years ago by

The sellbrite crew is extremely responsive to customer feedback and quick to solve problems. System does not work perfectly for everything, but with their continued developments I am confident that every issue can be resolved in a timely manner. I use this to sync 3 ebay->etsy->bigcommerce->amazon. It is a huge timesaver. What I pay them would cost me 10X if I had to pay someone to transfer listings manually. 

Very easy to use over 3 years ago by

Sellbrite is much easier to use than competitive products. There's almost no learning curve. You'll be up and running within an hour! I've been using Sellbrite since the middle of last year and continue to be impressed. It does a very good job managing our inventory on Amazon, eBay and Big Commerce and adding listings to eBay is pretty easy. I'd like more (Amazon repricing, Yahoo Stores support and the ability to update inventory from any platform to name a few), but it's a pretty darn good product that is getting better all the time. And their customer service (provided by company founders) is extremely fast. 

The best multichannel lister over 3 years ago by

Very responsive, hard working, friendly crew who always improve the interface. 

Perfectly pushes my products from BigCommerce to e-bay and Etsy. Perfect synchronization between BigCommerce, e-bay, Etsy and Amazon inventories. Using SellBrite for 4 months, never made a mistake on inventory.

Eagerly waiting SellBrite to complete their ability to push new listings to Amazon. Now you can only add a product to a live Amazon listing. They are working on this. 

Too much user friendly interface. I tired several other multichannel listing interfaces, so I can compare them.     

I upgraded my plan last week and added Etsy to my sales channels, I pushed 300 products with in a few minutes. 

If they keep to improve themselves like they do now and if they keep their customer service quality like this in the future; hard days are waiting for the other multichannel listing companies... 

Mike, Bryan, Brian, thank you guys, you made life easy for me. 

Finally ! Been looking for an app like this. over 3 years ago by

I went in expecting this to be a lot of sales hype, promised the world only to find out "no it can't do that." I was pleasantly surprised to find out it did what I wanted. I can say we now save hundreds of hours a year in inventory management. Of course it takes a little setting it up but if you are diligent about it you will reap tremendous rewards. I got in 100 phones (8 different models) Monday and had them listed on, eBay & Amazon in minutes.

hard working crew - responsive web service over 3 years ago by

Nice pricing for a great product - quick to address any issues and a very clean interface.

Good for inventory sync across channels over 3 years ago by

After working with few cross channel inventory management companies, we feel strongly about Sellbrite. Easy to implement, clean user interface and does the core job of inventory management well. In last few months we have seen constant upgrades in the offereings and eagerly waiting for FBA - BigCommerce cross functionality.

Best Listing Platform I have ever used and I have used just about all of them. over 3 years ago by

 Sellbrite is by far the best- trust me I have been through a lot of listing platform.  To date I have listed over 10,000 listing with Sellbrite and have been nothing but 5 star happy with everything they have to offer.

Thank you Sellbrite Team,


very buggy, not reliable over 3 years ago by

Buggy ebay integration with no support (or planned support) of image watermarks or hit counters.  Broken amazon lister ...needs a working search feature in order to post products to amazon but does not have such. 

So easy to use! over 3 years ago by

I just installed this app a few days ago and I must say it is wonderful and so easy to use!  Very small learning curve, very user friendly, wonderful customer service!  I've connected to eBay with one of my stores, and it's amazing how easy it is to get listings on quickly.  I'll be a paid customer for sure, and have another store with Amazon listings which I'll be testing soon.  Great job Sellbrite!

Sellbrite is the best multichannel software out there! over 3 years ago by Austin Schmidt

Very Simple to use.  Very friendly.  Outstanding Customer Service.  Please continue to keep up the great work!

Purchase paid plan 3 days into trial. Freakin' Awesome! over 3 years ago by Joe Giordano

I'm a small business dealing with comic related merchandise and ell mostly on Amazon and eBay. I was looking for an easy way to get my products from each of those sales channels to my BigCommerce site as well as Amazon to eBay. This turned out to be a perfect solution for me.

Easy to export a csv file from SellBrite and import to BigCommerce. 

I posted a few items to eBay from Amazon that had been sitting for a few months that sold quickly on eBay recouping the cost for the system in less then a week. I signed up for a paid plan after 3 days. 

I think as Sellbrite continues to add more channels and options, this will prove to be a wise investment. It could use a few more features such as adding the total retail value of each channel next to the total product count and maybe showing any return requests on the dashboard. If they add a print shipping labels option on the orders page (which i'm told is in the works), this app is killer. For ease of use and managing inventory in multiple warehouse locations on multiple channels, this rocks! 

Good Job! 

Just not for me over 3 years ago by

Price was high 200.00 a month for me no chat or call feature, Channel Unity was much better for me and only 25.00 a month chat is available for little more from them.

OK. Not great but good. over 3 years ago by

I've tried multiple multichannel listing sites. Sellbrite was one of the better ones but still had it's issues. I just feel like for $100/month they need to add a fulfillment component so you can fill orders and print invoices from their site.

Great for Small Stores But lots of Potential over 3 years ago by Jamie Phipps

Excellent app for the price. Very responsive help and constantly working on improvements. Great deal for most webstores. We use with webgility for shipping and posting to Quickbooks. We have tried several of the larger mainstream multi-channel apps but were extremely disappointed. With Sellbrite we could not find a better priced multi-channel app and using webgility as a companion made it unbeatable for our setup.

Might be perfect for your needs over 3 years ago by


Why Sellbrite is Perfect,

Great interface, easy to understand and use.

Super Customer service, very responsive,

Sell on Ebay and Etsy.

And why it is not,

No Ebay Motors, No listing NEW listings on Amazon (you can list against existing Amazon products but not add any products not already offered on Amazon)

No auto Sync. You need to list products as you add them to Big Commerce.

I have been assured there are fixes and updates in progress but it might be a while before they are live.

Better than the rest over 4 years ago by

We search for quite some time to find a user friendly marketplace coordination system that would both synchronize across all of our channels and our Big Commerce store, as well as provide an easier way to list and keep track of our products across channels.  We tried and demoed I think most likely every one of the popular ones out there.  SellBrite is bar none head and shoulders above the rest - they've figured out how to make an easy-to-use web-based interface for the integrations, and we are extremely happy with them.   We've been using SellBrite for approximately 6 months, and they continue to add new features and expand into other marketplaces seemingly every few weeks.   If you are hunting for the right marketplace management software, you need to give SellBrite a try. 

Great Product & Support over 4 years ago by Hooman Morvarid

I have just completed my 14 day trial and so far I am very happy with the product. Just like any other product that handles very technical processes there was a learning curve involved but Sellbrite was wonderful in helping and walking me through it all. Will update in another 30 days with additional comments.