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Connect your BigCommerce store to TaxJar and start filing your sales tax returns in minutes instead of hours. We'll automatically aggregate your sales and tax data into detailed reports that show your sales tax collected by state, city, county, and local jurisdictions - exactly what the states want. TaxJar will even file your sales tax returns for you in every state!

Are you collecting too much sales tax? Not enough? Our "Actual vs Estimated" report will show you how much sales tax you SHOULD be collecting. And you can keep a history of your payments to the states so you'll have it for tax time or if you get audited.

At this time, TaxJar does not upload or maintain tax rates within Bigcommerce.

$19 / month
Free trial
30 days

Client Reviews (5)

Easy to use 2 months ago by
Taxjar was a big help for us as we were in need of some fast tax information to file our taxes with. The install went smooth and the fact that they were able to pull data from 3 of our E-Commerce sites and combine them for our tax filing into one was awesome. Also they pulled the local taxes due correctly as some local tax localities had two different rates due to mid year tax rate changes. Great app and we believe a must have for businesses looking to streamline accounting tasks.
Saves tons of frustration! 3 months ago by
After using Avalara for many years, TaxJar brought a beautiful change to my sales tax filing process. Avalara generated clunky spreadsheets that were often hard to match up with state filing forms. TaxJar formats its reports so that the data is much easier to input into the state forms. TaxJar does not automatically calculate sales tax at the point of checkout, so you must use it in conjunction with the Avalara integration now built in to BigCommerce. TaxJar currently has a few issues handling exempt sales and allowing AutoFile in certain situations, so it's not quite five stars. But it is a great app, and the TaxJar team seems intent on listening to customers and improving their software, unlike Avalara who made me feel like an unwelcome intrusion.
It doesn't allow to connect multiple BigCommerce stores over 3 years ago by Henry Maia

Clean/easy to use interface, but it doesn't allow to connect more than one bigcommerce store. Their suggestion is to import the transactions from the other BC stores via CSV, so to me there is no point for using this app. Great potential, but it needs some work.

we just love this App over 3 years ago by Its all in the make up

We just love this app it is very useful.

Can't delete review but... over 4 years ago by

I initially posted a great review but have since had issues. I no longer use this app because Big Commerce has this function built into their user panel.