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Today, Bigcommerce is excited to announce our partnership with ShipperHQ to solve for the complexity of providing real-time shipping rates for online businesses in order to reduce cart abandonment.

According to a 2014 survey of online shoppers, 28% of respondents said they will abandon shopping carts if presented with unexpected shipping costs, making it critical for online businesses to provide customers with transparent, accurate pricing for their orders. However, due to constantly evolving carrier fees and a wide variance in shipping scenarios, proactively providing this information to customers requires businesses to determine shipping rules and rates in real-time.

For those businesses with complex shipping rate rules, this manual task is near impossible to accomplish and most businesses end up either overcharging and potentially losing customers to cart abandonment or undercharging, absorbing costs and sacrificing margin.

Our partnership with ShipperHQ, the developers of the number one shipping extension within the Magento community, provides merchants with access to the industry’s most sophisticated shipping rate calculator and rules engine, which allows merchants to offer their customers accurate, real-time shipping quotes.

Here is what you can expect:

  • Live Rate and Custom Rate for the following carriers:
    • UPS, USPS, FedEx, GSO (Golden State Overnight)
    • FedEx SmartPost, UPS SurePost
    • LTL Freight Carriers –– single and multi pallet freight
    • Table-Rate Carriers –– simple rate calculations based on things like weight
  • Advanced Rules Engine: Set prices based on a wide range of attributes
  • Date & Time Functionality: Estimated delivery date or time in transit based on when a merchant can ship
  • Multi-origin: Support for products that are coming from different locations (i.e. dropshipping or multiple warehouses)
  • Backup Carriers: Allows merchants to setup a backup carrier if the primary carrier fails to return rates (i.e. one carrier goes down on Cyber Monday, you could switch to another or to a basic table rate and not miss a single sale)
  • Dimensional/Volumetric Rating: Define product and box sizes and ShipperHQ will recommend the most efficient way to pack and then send the dimensions to the carrier
  • Rate Shopping: Allows a merchant pull in the lowest rate from multiple carrier options

Here are the merchants attributes signaling the businesses most likely to benefit from this partnership:

  • Merchants with high size variability within their catalogs (example: electronics)
  • Merchants selling perishable items (example: ice cream requires different shipping speed options based on destination zone)
  • Merchants with a diverse catalog that contains potentially restricted items
  • Merchants with multiple shipping origins including dropshipping
  • Merchants with large items and freight requirements
  • Merchants that want to offer custom shipping options to specific customer groups (example: wholesale customers, free/reduced shipping for best customers)

Click here to try out ShipperHQ today.

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